Friday, October 9, 2015

Congratulations, SSM Iezzah!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my business partner, Nurul Iezzah for achieving total sales RM60,000 as Senior Sales Manager!

I am proud of you!

Masa awal start business, Iezzah kurang confident. nak bukak mulut pun susah. Now makin diasah, makin confident. Knowledge is the thing that you cant buy. Experience too.  You will learn it from time to time.

Tahniah Iezzah. Dari seorang baker, from Rembau, she climbs step by step. Now towards becoming a successful businesswoman.

This is just another step towards success.

Young at 23 years old, You're so much earlier than friends your age. Just imagine by 30, she will hold a 5-figures income!

All the best iezzah, next will be RM180,000 sales as a DIAMOND.

Enjoy your 4-figures bonus this month. YEAY!

Nak follow step macam iezzah?

Do text Iezzah at 013-966 9770 or me at 017-6511966

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