Thursday, October 15, 2015

Career Women and Premium Beautiful

Hye all!
Salam Maal Hijrah. 
Today I'd like to share with all of you the benefits and usage of Premium Beautiful to be worn while working; under anycircumstances or working environment.

As a career woman, as a working mom, of course time taking care of our own wud really limited. But with Premium Beautiful corset, i spare less time but with a result which i satisfied. As a Premium Beautiful User for more than 3 years now, i am sooo in love with it and cant live without it!
I was a Production Engineer before. Wearing Premium Beautiful corset didnt stop me from climbing up a ladder to a building roof. By wearing premium beautiful, it helps me keep my body temperature without going so crazy with the heat from production or outside weather. It is the best comfort corset ever!

This is my lovely sister in law. She starts wearing premium beautiful corset when she was on confinement. Now she comes back to clinic as a dentist which involves with standing all day long. Apart from keeping her body back in shape after delivery her first baby, premium beautiful corset protects her back and helps reduce her backpain which she had previously. Thanks Tirah for sharing your experience as Premium Beautiful User.
This is another Premium Beautiful User for more than 8 years. A mother of two, works as site engineer of BRT project going on now. Wearing Premium Beautiful in the panas terik doesnt bother her as it keeps her cool inside, and a plus, keep her body as anak dara ;)
Here's a Geologist. Involved with outside work, sun and rain. Been wearing premium beautiful corset for 8 months consistently now, she looks slimmer and fit.
Another Premium Beautiful User works in food preparation industry. Protects her posture tho working all day long.

Looking good, aight? Our officer in a uniform looks much better and sharp with Premium Beautiful Corset.

Hello teacher! By wearing premium beautiful, baju kurung does look "terletak" 

Premium beautiful is for everyone! Who said it is expensive? It is a mampu milik now with multiple option of payment. Even a clerk can have it as long as it is for our own health and beauty. Siapa yg tanak sihat (dan cantik) kan?
I have no idea what Paralegals do, til i googled it ;)
Yes, Premium Beautiful keeps you stay confident.
Another Engineer wears premium beautiful on site. A corset that helps you feels confident and stay comfort no matter what.
An executive also choose to wear Premium Beautiful Corset

Premium Beautiful corset can be worn together with ur favourite jubah. This young executive, a mother of one wears the corset everyday to work
There you goes! 
12 Premium Beautiful Users have choosen Premium Beautiful corset as their daily uniform to work.
It keeps them confident, stay comfort and of course more beautiful and healthy.
Thanks to Premium Beautiful Corset, a number one choice of a career woman.

Wanna know how to grab one set for you with more discounts up to RM1500? Text me 017-6511966, your premium beautiful consultant.


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