Friday, May 7, 2010

Mixed and Matched

Quite some time since my last big-fat's update..
I've been busy pleasing my superior and senior manager, that i totally forgot about my own current piling up jobs.
I just don't understand why some bosses didn't feel sorry to squeeze their sub-ordinate to do and perform and complete their job-which definitely requested from their own bosses; ie GM and MD.
If i can perform and finish-up their job, then might as well let me replace their comfort-wellpaid-and-luxury job, rite?
enuff bitchin' about work..for these 4 days of struggling to complete the presentation slides and all those calculation and assumption and summarizing the feasibility study, i'm all done!!

let's write about something nice.. and sweet.. and comforting..
Oh, yes.. I have a special great to make!

To whom?
To my beloved Husband : Mr Rosman Tumin
He has been given an Outstanding Performance this year!

At Last!! your hard work and effort have been translated into an appreciation by the company.
and also a treat for a lunch and special event at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. (so sad, i couldn't attend..not invited la..uhuk)

As an appreciation token for all my patience and encouragement to him, he gave me the small gift he received that day to me.. a collection of perfumes.. smell very nice and sweet. Thanks sayang..!!

Lissa's updates?
She now knows how to imitate other people's reaction, and it is immediately!

Here, showing her grin after mine.

having fun at McD for breakfast.

she was muncung all the way during our visit to midvalley
still muncung, although her mama was all excited!
we brought her to the metrojaya baby's room
they have all the toys that lissa loves to play..dush! Dush!
I'm loving it!!
She's all happy and content!!

At Last this so messed-up updates from me, comes to a closing.
I wish all mommies, mamas, maks, ummies, bondas out there :


Have a good weekend!

(going for a trip to Tanjung Bidara with my parents and sisters.. next updates, insyaAllah...)

Oh yup, a very very nice and serene week ahead : my boss will be going to a bussiness trip next week. YEAY!!!

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