Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Hunting Season! (Part II - Final Chapter)

It's not even close to 2 weeks yet, but i already found a person who can babysit Lissa. Alhamdulillah, berkat doa and prays all of you.

How did i found the person?
No - it's not thru the advertisement I posted - useless since i guess no babysitter would actually look into the internet to find baby to babysit..
Yes - through asking people around - works best!

I was so determine to ask people, but couldnt find the perfect time. Actually I was waiting for my husband's free time (which i guess is sooo rare!). So i decided i need to do it, without waiting for him.
Last weekend - Sunday - My guts telling me that I have to ask today! So i woke up early (early as in 9:00 am for weekend, ok? hehe), I woke my sis up, tried to wake my husband-which i know is hopeless.. Then after my sis and i took a shower and changed, Lissa suddenly woke up and started to smile. She knew we were about to leave her with her abah. So we have to take her along.
Actually, i was thinking to buy breakfast for us - and with an objective "to kill 2 birds with 1 stone" - we drove to the nearest warong nearby. Right after we arrived, we were slightly embarassed bcoz the stall didnt serve breakfast anymore, but food for lunch!! It was just approx. 10 am, and they already started lunch..funny, but we tapau some lauk for lunch - cover line ;)
After i paid, i knew i have to be ringan mulut and asked the cashier.

Me : Akak dah duduk sini lama dah?
The Cashier : Dah lama jugak la
Me : Akak tau tak area sini, sape2 yang boleh jaga baby?
The Cashier : Oh, ramai! area sini mmg ramai orang bleh jaga budak.
Me : Ye ke, kak? (amazed!)
The Cashier : Ni lorong depan ni, rumah no 2 dr tepi.

There and then, i went straight to the house. Looked like no one's home, so i drove away. til i saw this one pakcik outside of his home, watering his plants. I asked him, and he showed me the same house. I went again, and luckily, the door was open. I met a boy, around 10 years old, and asked him whether his mother is home. He told me she wasnt. I asked whether his mom babysits anyone right now. He told me she's currently babysit 2 boys - primary schoolers. So i was relieved bcos she didnt have any babies to take care. so i left my cellphone no and asked his mother to call me back.
Right after i reached home, a call came in. Yes, she agreed to babysit Lissa, however, she asked me to wait until July. Perfect! Exactly as what I want.

Alhamdulillah, i found one. InsyaAllah, she'll babysit Lissa and take good care of Lissa. Pray to Allah a lot!
Hopefully, she wont be like this!!

 So, here it goes.. the Final Chapter of my hunting season - insyaAllah, it'll be final..aminnn..



waa..dah jumpe..congrats!
bila nak start hntr??

airin diana said...

tq2! July baru start. luckily my other sis masuk sem baru mid july. so dia bleh la teman Lissa dulu kat "sekolah" baru dia.

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