Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lissa's Progress on her 7 month ++

You must be wondering..
What Lissa is able to do by now?

Yes, she's an observant now.
She can eagerly watch what other people is doing
(in this picture, observing her abah in front of laptop)
Now she learns how to type a few letters, with help from abah.
(which obviously will not become any significant words to us)
She now learns to type on her own, without help from abah.
uhuh, while sticking out her tongue!
and also, while leaning on it, she can open file
(it's easy, mama. just push Ctrl+ O. try it ur self!)
hmm... Lissa.. Lissa...
tak habis2 kacau abah yer...
apa kata tido sambil peluk tangan mama wat bantal busuk?
kan tak penat..

What Mama can conclude on ur 7month++ age?
You have learnt a lot up to this age.
You learnt how to crawl, how to climb (no matter what's in front of you, let it be a chair, your dad, your maksu or your walker)
You learnt how to say "air!" when you want some water (though i think it was coincidence)
You know how to sit properly, and to support ur body with ur hand once u are about to fall.
You are excited when mama or abah or maksu reads to you your colorful books, and wants us to repeat again and again til u r satisfied.
You make that funny sound when you want mama to bf you (and i love the sound!)
and I am thankful that i am able to fully breastfeed you all this while. May Allah let me bf u till at least u r 2 yo.



happy 7 months old Lissa..
good luck in ur bf too Airin..:)

airin diana said...

TQ auntie Nadia! :)

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