Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Hunting Season!

A good and a bad news at one time?

let me start with a good news first :

to my baby sis
For getting a place for her next level in education
Diploma in Bussiness at UiTM
(yup, her dream has come true!)
(personally, i love this pix.that's why i uploaded it again!)

A bad new?
Yes, i have to officially start our hunting season.

Hunting Season?

You must be wondering how could i be interested in hunting?
not That Hunting!!

It's Babysitter hunting Time!!

I've just started. After accepting the fact that my lil sis has been accepted to college, I need to find babysitter, replacement for her..
yeah, yeah, no one can replace you, adik.
No one can take good care and love Lissa like you do.
i bet Lissa gonna miss you like craaazyy! uhuk uhuk..
 yup, my headache and the series of it gonna start and resume. i hope it's not gonna be long.. Pray to God, insyaAllah, everything's gonna be easy...

What have i done in order to search for babysitter?
Actually, to be honest, nothing.
Well, not exactly nothing..
i did some research.
heard some advise from people in my workplace
Almost everybody told me :
Why u have to send to nursery? daycare center? find babysitter la. pengasuh la. better that way! budak tak ramai, pengasuh bukan makan gaji dgn boss dia. tak malas. sayang budak..bla bla bla..

So, now.. i keep on thinking.

what they said are partially true.

#1 : Mostly the babysitters working at day care center got their paycheck monthly, regardless of the working quality
#2 : Too many babies and tods to care for - which will lead to many many problems - happened to me before. Lissa got scratches from one of the tods while she was sleeping;  Lissa was all sweaty, though they told me she already took her bath before i picked her up.
 #3 : No time to specifically attend to different type of babies with different ways to treat - I still can recall the day when they gave a-4-month-old & a-fully-bf Lissa  "nestum" just because she cried when everybody's eating. i freaked out, and thats my turning point. no more sending Lissa to this nursery!! that's it. (you can read it again here)
#4 : Lack of knowledge on many many things - Didnt know what's best to feed to baby/kids - Didnt really care if babies lying next to one another, no matter how sick they were - Didnt attend to a crying baby.

(to list out all the cons of nursery? it would take me a whole year!)

The good thing of nursery?
One thing i noticed : Social Skills - yes, Lissa has developed her social skills - she never cry when strangers googoogaga at her. She delevops a skill of greeting other people, especially young kids or lil people like her. Whenever she heard lil people's voice, screaming or laughing, she'll definitely turn towards the sound. She even touched a girl's hair while we were at pasar malam. the girl freaked out, but Lissa was smiling at her. The other day she met my friend's son, who is older 1 month than her, she was the one who kept on teasing this baby. laughing at him and making funny faces.

So, what's my next step?
I put up some advertisement Looking for Pengasuh/babysitter.but i doubted any babysitter would actually look in the internet for that.
but, nothing wrong trying my luck, rite?
one of the ad i put up

another ad.

So, doa doa and doa..
This weekend, we (my husband & I) are going for the hunting season. We'll start with kampung batu tiga first. and hopefully, we could find a good and reliable babysitter... amiiinnnn...



good luck Airin!
both having pro and cons..
just find the best for Lissa k!:)

airin diana said...

TQ mommy nadia!
kalau tak jumpa gak, nursery apt indahria la - last resort..hihihi

m@Ri@ said...

gud luck..hrp ketemu

airin diana said...

Thanks maria.
harap2 ketemu la ye..

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