Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Movie Time!!

Wow! It has been quite some time since our movie-dating nights out! Last movie that we watch since Lissa arrived was Avatar. That was when we took a leave (weekdays), and sent Lissa to her nursery. Though the movie was great, but my heart wasn't feeling great. Feeling guilty all the way.. and even had a feeling and urge to rush back home.
I always want to bring Lissa to experience the movie watching - larger screen, better sound system, and air-conditioned surrounding, but we never had a chance to do it. until last night....
Shrek Forever After
Yes,it is Shrek! I've seen all the Shrek movies.. and now, i want Lissa to fall in love with it.
I tried to make my husband to love it before, brought him along to watch the 3rd sequel. and it was disappointing. It wasn't that great, it was boring, and not funny at all! and of course, my husband didn't like it, complaining here and there, especially with the fact that he didn't like any cartoon or anime or any non-human movies.
But, still, not giving up for Shrek, I gave it a try last night. Unplanned (which was so unusual of me!), I got back from work, as usual, played a while with Lissa, chatting with Aby (my sis), then suddenly an advertisement of this Shrek movie.

Aby : Alaaa... nak tengok Shrek. dah kuar la hari ni
Me : Lengkali bleh tengok. Gi la tengok weekend ni dgn member
Aby : Long, jom la kite tengok.
Me : Menarik gak. Jom tengok hari ni
Aby : Ha? hari ni gak ke?

I switched on my laptop, online, and browse the cineplex website. There you go, movie at 10:20 pm. Perfect time!!! Booked it online for 3 seat. and then asked aby to call my husband and ask. My husband gave a green light.
We got ready, dressed up Lissa, prepared a lot of stuff for her. Important stuff so that she won't get so cold. My big handbag was full and looked puffed up! The must items that i brought along are sweater, sox and of course baby blanket.
Off we went to The Curve, right after my husband got back from work.

Once we arrived, there wasn't a lot of people. It was nice to have a very cozy environment.
My husband changed our seat from single to couple seat. and he bought tickets for 4 person instead of 3, since it were couple seats. When we gave the tickets to the staff, he was expecting for 4 person, and when my husband pointed at Lissa, he went "OOOoooohh" and laughed. (Lissa gave a look, saying "Hello, I am the 4th person, ok? don't laughed at me. i might look small, but big at heart!")

Once we got inside the theater (late 10 minutes from scheduled), the show've just started. It was so dark! Luckily, Lissa wasn't being fussy. She was excited and stunned with the big screen. We got to our seat, which were near the stairs (luckily!). We sat down, and i started the mom's routine. Got Lissa in the sweater and sox, and wrapped her nicely in her blanket. Funny thing was she wasn't moving or reacting to my action. She was so focussed to the big screen. Her eyes were big and round, watching Shrek. She made some "wooo" sound when Shrek's babies were laughing.
My husband and I were amazed by Lissa's reaction. She loves it!! (maybe because since she was in my belly, she used to hear movies from outside - yup, all those violent movies - including Transformers & Terminator towards my 8th month + pregnancy)

It was a 10:30 show, and i knew Lissa was getting sleepy. but she pushed herself to watch, until 11 pm. She turned towards me, and showed signs that she wanted to be fed. I bf her right away, for like 5 to 10 minutes, she dozed off..until the end of the show.

Talking about the movie..this might contain some spoilers, people! hahaha..!
It was totally a new situation with Shrek. With the babies (yup, 3 of them) and the responsibilities, with Fiona (typical mother, yapping and yapping).. He was overwhelmed with all that, where he suddenly wanted to quit. be a real ogre where everybody scared off.. Longing for the days when he felt like a "real ogre," Shrek is duped into signing a pact with the smooth-talking dealmaker, Rumpelstiltskin.
Shrek suddenly finds himself in a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away, where ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is king and Shrek and Fiona have never met.
Even Puss has put on weight!
Donkey and Puss and Shrek never met.
Fiona didn't know Shrek and was a lady fighting warrior for all of the ogres
New funny ogre characters emerged
(and Shrek was one of the smallest Ogre!!)
Now, it's up to Shrek to undo all he's done in the hopes of saving his friends, restoring his world and reclaiming his one True Love.

Overall, I'd give Shrek Forever After four stars!
Why not 5?
Because the movie was short..
It left us wanting more...
Very brief elaboration..
But funny, funny and funny!
More actions stuff in there - witches flying around with their broom and bombing here and there fighting ogre. very nice!
Afterall, this movie was indeed for the closure. It was meant for the final chapter.
yes yes, i know. it's over..(uhuk..)

So mommies, what are you waiting for? Bring ur kids to the movie, and enjoy the show!!

Uhuh, i love this hot lady!

To our beloved man, abah, please please bring us to another movie show. Lissa knows how to behave, ok? As a reward, another show...say...Iron man? (eh eh..cannot la Lissa. you are not even 1 year old!)


m@Ri@ said...

ish ni nk p tgk gak ni shrek ni..aritu bw aqil p tgk wayang..dekat2 nak habis br die bunyi..mula2 bukan main lg die tgk..dekat2 last tu nth nape nth terkejut kot..huhu..pastuh dah tak berani nk p wayang dah..huhu..

airin diana said...

oh ye ke maria? tgk ape masa tu? ade action tembak2 kot..hehe. try la Shrek. mmg best!!


wowiee..Lissa dah masuk cinema..bestnye!
last week dah read yr entry..even I planned for shrek on weekend..bring Adam jgak!
tp tak sempat..kebetulan ada keje..
nice idea lah airin..bring him at his sleeping time kan ;)

hehe..time dulu tgk shrek bertiga jgak ek..lagi best sb shrek pun ada baby!

airin diana said...

Yes, Nadia.. dulu tgk berdua.. skrg dah bertiga..hehe
nice idea, rite? kalau diorg ngantuk, terus tido. takdela nak nangis2 sbb boring.
go n watch the show! mesti lepas ni adam dah x nak barney dia. tukar to shrek plak..hehe

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