Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Lissa?

Pity me..
Lately I've been tested by multiple and continuous acts by my sweet baby Lissa..
It really challenged my patience and tolerance..

What she did?

Act No. 1 : Less-Sleep-and-Let's-Play Act
I guess at this stage of age, she prefers playing than sleeping. There was a time when she didn't take a nap at all during the day that she dozed off while crawling! I thought she'll sleep at last, but no! She pushed herself, continue exploring the living room.. and whenever she stumbled on a pillow, she'll rest her head for like 10 seconds, and then continue to play.

Act No. 2 : I'll-Climb-You-Up Act
Yes, she started to climb and panjat2 everything which are higher than her head. Let it be a table, a chair, her walker, tv cabinet or YOU! She'll climb on anything that gets in her way. She loves to climb on me or her abah whenever we lied down while watching tv. very dangerous if no one's around to watch her. Most of the time, I have to be next or close to her to make sure she wont climb and fall down.

Act No. 3 : I'll-Cry-Whenever-I-Want-To Act
My husband, my family and I were so relieved once Lissa was born and knew how to behave. She didn't cry very much, just a lil of merengek here and there, and that was it. At nite, whenever she wanted to be fed, she would pull my shirt several times or roll over near me. She never cried if her diapers was all wet or pooped. She would dozed off to sleep by herself and wouldnt require any dodoi or lullaby or buaian. BUT, lately...(i think it was due to Act #1) she would suddenly cry, no matter what.. and it can be said that i didnt know what to do..! Suddenly I was caught up in a situation where every mothers around the world are having. I would usually pick her up and say "shhhh" slowly. I couldnt cradle her more because that would actually makes her cry even louder!

Mommies, what should I do?
Lissa with her muncung face

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