Monday, May 10, 2010

Google Crushed?

I've tried login in since this morning and been prompted by Google that my account has been blocked! I wondered why, since i'm not the kind of person who forgot my password. They asked me to enter my cellphone no, and they'll send out a verification number for security purpose.
They sent an sms with a verification number for me to logon right away, and again, prompted me to enter my password. i was quite skeptical at first. afraid if this was some kind of spam or security breach, like maybank2u stuff. but then i checked the website, still from google, and this google account wasnt that important as maybank2u (which obviously will link to our money, rite?). So i logon as usual, and this is my first attempt to publish my entry.
Plus, mommy nadia sent me an sms, telling me that my blog has been deleted or so, she couldnt view it since yesterday.. hmmm... nadia, try again..hopefully it'll work by today..

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