Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holiday ~ Meet Lissa's new friend!

As promised last week, i'll update you on our family trip to Melaka. i thought we're going to Tanjung Bidara, we ended up at Tanjung Kling.
All of my sis (three of them), my mom, my dad, Lissa and I went together with my dad's very-precious-20-y.o.-van. Since my hubby was working on Saturday, he went to Melaka right after his work done. We arrived around 3 pm and checked in right away. It was pretty nice. The view was amazing.
Our Stay
(not a promo, ok)

We posed in front of the resort, facing the beautiful scenery from the beach.
from left : nani(the 2nd-makngah), my mom, Lissa, aby(the youngest-5th-maksu) & me(the eldest)
from left : ara(the 4th-makteh), my mom, Lissa, aby & me
Lissa teasing her makngah
the cubby girl
mama & lissa
Lissa officially the first one to lie down on the bed
Here are some of the views from our room :

the swimming pools
we had our lunch at 4:30 pm! i was freakingly hungry. but thank God. the nasi goreng ayam was DELICIOUS!!

Lissa bermanje2 plak with her atok

And later that night, we had a visit from my ex-colleague. She was with Proton for almost a year, and now working at Politeknik Merlimau. Having almost the same age of kids, we share a lot of things. Ruzanna aka zana has been married a year earlier than me, but she was pregnant a year after. She gave birth one month earlier than me to a very cute handsome boy, Harith Zafran.
The funny thing was Lissa was sooo excited meeting a new friend. as everyone knows, she loves to make friends. but, harith was quite amazed with this excited new friend beside him. He just looked and then hid his face with his bantal busuk. (oh, the pictures weren't good - we already dimmed the light)
Lissa - did her baby talk. Harith - clueless.
Lissa showing Harith how to do the grin face. Harith - so sleepy. Lissa, it's already midnite!!I want to sleep!!
Look at Lissa. Still trying to get Harith's attention!
Abah asked Lissa to stop harassing Harith..haha
There is no way she's gonna stop!! She laughed at Harith everytime he hid his face.
Oppss! It's time for mama to say Stop!
Yes, mama. I'll stop, but i need to kiss him goodbye!!
Lissa... Lissa...
I'll be goood girl, mama! i promise....(showing her teethless smile)
The next day after checking out, we went for lunch at nearby foodstall, near Pantai Klebang.

In conclusion, Our family trip this time was quite nice (and let's do this again, abah!). even though we didnt have a chance to mandi laut or play at the beach (due to bad weather), yet, we still managed to experience one of the nicest trip ever!
Our Happy Family!

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