Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Woman's body : Before and After Marriage

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I went across this forum from Sabah.
The title did capture my attention.
It is : Kenapa Ramai Bini Jadi Gemuk Lepas Kahwin
you can read full reply here
gemuk selepas kahwin

Those yang berisi after getting married?

No 1 : Jawapan standard. dah ade husband, nape nak risau lagi.. correct? wrong!! so wrong!!

No 2 : Ni slalu jadi my dilemma. nak buang, sayang.. but i found new solution. give it to ur hubby..ngeheheh

No 3 : Malas exercise.. erk? tak boleh buat ape la ni..

Then look at the answer why certain women after married still slim and kurus:

No 1 : Takut competition - who didnt? 
I met an acquaintance couple of months ago. she's same age as me, but not yet married. she told me, girls nowadays didnt care if they be a second wife, or even third. As long as they can be happy, has a "matured" husband, stable husband, why not? hmm.. 

No 2 : Popularity 
just look at how many slimming centers in Malaysia. mcm cendawan tumbuh kan? and look at how many gyms, slimming products?

No 3 : Keturunan slim
Gene high metabolisme..memang semulajadi lah kan

The genuine answer was no 4 : takut mati. 
Because they value health.
Once we have all the penyakit like heart, kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, to name a few, then only we valued our health.

To all my readers out there, please do take action before it is too late.
Yes, time to cut the fat, Malaysians
Scary kan??
tips kurus gemuk selepas kahwin

tips kurus gemuk selepas kahwin

tips kurus gemuk selepas kahwin
tips kurus gemuk selepas kahwin
True. food sangat sedap here in malaysia. 

But can we escape from great food? 
Now, we have to go back to basic. Just like we were taught during a Health Talk by Dr Lawrence Lim.
To make it simple, take eating = bathing. same concept.
When you take ur bath, you definitely go out and get urself dirty, right? you didnt just stay inside bathroom, afraid to get dirty.
But, when you get home, dirty and oily and messy, what did you do? you take another bath right?

Same as eating.

When you eat something "heavy" like nasi lemak (or in english they callled it fatty rice..hihi), you have to know what to do to cleanse ur body.
Drink a lot of water.
Take supplement that removes toxin, fatty acid from your body such as Garam buluh drink
Take yogurt drink as such Lactolite to improve your digestive system. 
tips kurus gemuk selepas kahwin

Afterall, our husband wants to have not only a great shaped wife, but to have a healthy good life wife.

Take good care of yourself before it is too late.

Be healthy, eat healthy, live healthy.

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