Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jakarta-Bandung Family Trip : Day 1 & Day 2

We have made it official that every year, a must visit vacation (other than Cameron Highland) would be Jakarta and Bandung.

This time it was a very short 6 days trip. The plan was:
Day 1 : Arrival Jakarta & travel to Puncak
Day 2 : Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor
Day 3 : Shopping Trip in Bandung City
Day 4 : Trip to Kawah Putih
Day 5 : Jakarta - Tanah Abang Shopping trip
Day 6 : Back to KL

Lets have a read our journey for the first two days..
We took my dad's antique van to the airport since that was the only vehicle that fits us all and has sticker for a FREE parking at the airport.hehe (yeah, my dad is staff at airport, being an air traffic controller has so much advantage)
Checking in. This is the first time we took Tiger Airways. those who doesnt know, this airlines just like Air Asia, but with better service!
Harus lah minum susu dulu before we fly. tips to ensure no air or motion sickness : FULL STOMACH!
Happy! This is the first time Hanie got her own seat. tapi last2 lari gak kat mama. eish..bazir2...
Since there were 7 of us, of course my husband had to sit alone! the good thing was the whole row was empty.
My dad, my mom, Lissa and my youngest sis, Hanem
Arrived at the busy city, Jakarta

and my brother has equipped us with all the food to munch. This Chitato Rasa Sapi panggang was the best!!
(Jie, bawa balik Msia nanti ya!)
The sign of Accident statistic (Data Kecelakaan) to remind people to drive safe.
we were stuck a bit in the busy highway Jakarta
Luckily we werent heading to Jakarta city. if not, cant imagine how much longer we have to stay in the traffic
On our way to Puncak, we can see Jakarta has a very nice malls. This one is called Central Park. you must be a rich one to be able to walk in the mall.
This is Ciputra Mall i believe
And then, we were stopped on our way to Puncak. It was more than an hour stay. This is the time when these people sell food, drinks and cigarette.
Both kepenatan. while waiting for the macet, lets camera whore!
Finally arrived!! Baru jam 5:00 ptg, tapi dah gelap semacam.. Jet lag sekejap..hehe
The sign

Hanie, tired and buat perangai.
The apartment has 2 bedrooms which can accommodate all 8 of us
After mandi and freshen up, both kids enjoy naik buaian while sipping a fresh cool air at Puncak
Tak berapa nak cerah la..haha. in front of the swimming pool actually.
Had first dinner at one of the Nasi Padang restaurant
My brother and my dad
Me and sis. Notice that my right eye was swollen red.
That was a wrap for our DAY 1 in Indonesia - Jakarta to Puncak
Day 2 we started off with a breakfast of Nasi Goreng and Hot coffee.

We are super excited to go to Taman Safari Bogor
This banana was bought right on the side road. everything is fresh here.
We didnt notice that the Safari opens only at 10 am. we arrived some time at 8 am. so jalan2 at the safari lodge and took pix
Elephant tipu je..cuba betul2..hehe
in front of the safari lodge
Cantik sangat. This will be our next, pegi sini lagi ke nanti..hehe
Kakak posed with Atok. Cantik kan taman nie? just outside of the lodge
The Black Swan
Hanie terlopong tengok monkey
When the show started
The Cowboy show at Cowboy town
Spot the ducks? They trained ducks to run here and there.. so impressed!!
I guess these are the Seladang
Having an opportunity previously to watch shows at Disneyworld Orlando and Universal studio LA, i can say they are almost to the par to the international shows. in fact, they are just Indonesians. very proud to be Asian :) 
Boleh terasa bahang api ni kat muka..wuuu
Welcome to Cowboy Town!!
Later we went to watch tigers. Look how big they were!

Very well trained tigers
In fact me, my brother, my sis and my dad took picture with a big white tiger. I will upload it later because the whole pix were in the other camera. It was scary but satisfying!!
Yup, they have Safari Malam! Teringin one day nak pegi.. Night Safari!! must be interesting and scaryyy!!
Then off we go to Elephant show
Pandai sangat those elephants tau!!
The big elephant doctor came to the rescue!

Elephant ni sangat jinak ok. it approached us!
Look at Lissa with the elephant!!
Lissa: "Itu kakak tanak elephant"
Taman Safari Indonesia Cafe
After one whole day enjoying the animals, we had our tea at 5 before we went to Bandung
The cafe served donuts, pizza and among other great coffees.
Us. both exhausted but really had fun.
My lovely mom and dad
Posing nampak!
Posing again?
We arrived at Bandung, the 2 bedroom apartment. since there were 8 of us, we were given 2 apartments. me, hubby, kids and my brother in one apartment, while my dad, mom and sis in another apartment. This master bedroom served a Queen Bed.
Another small room had a single bed for a single man.
The living room. equipped with big tv and dvd players along with the cds
We had a really deep sleep for the night..
Enough for the entry of 2 days. 
I'll continue the other day, Shopping trip in Bandung city and Trip to Kawah Putih (yes, not to Tangkuban Perahu. Kawah Putih wayyy better than Tangkuban Perahu).
I'll share factory outlets which are worth visiting.
Having to get the opportunity spending time with family was really fun. i am grateful to have these moments. really cant wait for the time when i get to be full time mumpreneur. more time with family without compromising any financial/income. insyaAllah. Time and Money Freedom.
See ya in the next entry then!

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