Thursday, June 20, 2013

GLAMpreneur : Who we are?

Glamour glampreneur businesswoman
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Noor Airin Diana Anuar. People called me Airin, and some family members called me Diana or nana (which i dont really like..hihi). 

I am a normal girl living a hectic life. Some knows me as we went to the same school or college together. 

I studied at MRSM Jasin from 98 to 99. Went to Matriculation at Kuala Pilah in year 2000 for 1 semester for the "Matrix Awal" Program. Awarded with JPA scholarship to United States, then i left matrix right before the final exam. Had my preparation program at UiTM before fly to Indiana, USA. I graduated from Purdue University in Bachelor Degree of Industrial Engineering. Went back in 2005 and got hired in one of the Malaysian automobile manufacturer as an engineer. 
Got married to a gentleman, Mr Rosman in 2008
Have two lovely daughters, Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah, 4 and Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara, 2.

Living in a suburb town like Shah Alam, once having babies and owned a house, i figured out that money was the main issue. Though our salary can be considered as mampu (tak layak dapat BR1M), we cant splurge or enjoy as much as we can. Having to love movies and enjoy food in fancy restaurant, i found out that money has the limitation.

With the kids education fees keep on increasing ridiculously & RM50 cant do justice for groceries, I know that I need to make a move to find a way for second income.

That's when I found Shaliza Aziz. She was my ex schoolmate at MRSM Jasin. We barely knew each other, never talk.. erm say hello or smile once terserempak kot.

That was when the journey starts...
You can read my previous entry why to start business HERE
We are professionals. Most of us came from IT, Engineering, Doctors, accountant backgrounds.
We didnt beg, didnt convince, didnt push. We showed you how to do it professionally and gain income up to 6 figures.
We do it in TEAM. That means it's gonna be a win-win situation. Every points will be accumulated in your group. Easier to make bigger bonus, correct? we never work alone.
Yes, we enjoy together. we do business together. we help one another.
We were taught how to manage our time. There's no more hanky panky or gossiping. we aim for a better future, being a better oneself. 
We were taught to have self-discipline. Positive thinking. positive and positive. thats the key word to success. Trust me. 
Try to do it in ur daily life. ie : looking for parking at midvalley at peak hour, 1 pm on Saturday. Set your mind that you're gonna get 1 park near to the entrance. i've done that, and i succeeded. Thank God.
Nope. No Secret to success.It is all HARD work, Learn from failure and have loyalty to whom you work for.
Then we celebrate!

OK, now you want to know when to start.
It is NOW!

NOW is the right time for you to start your business with GLAM because:-

  1. Company has just started giving rebates for Premium Beautiful and a few more killer products. Getting rebates, mean bigger bonus. GOOD NEWS until 30th JUNE 2013  your first bonus up to RM4700
  2. The new travel package has just started 2 days ago (17/6)! Weehuu.. It would be Australia this time. My first free trip to KOREA in September,belum pegi pun lagi dah ade incentive trip yg baru. suke nyerr!!
  3. Extra income for Ramadhan and Hari Raya. Ramadhan is just less a month away and after that it's going to be HARI RAYA. For sure, Hari Raya requires more money. Joining now, means extra income for your HARI RAYA (duit raya, baju raya, duit mak ayah..). 

So to those who want to have extra income, want to go for FREE trips, want to prepare for Hari Raya..
You wanna know HOW?

Contact me

I can explain and share the business opportunity.
You decide for yourself.


Be part of GLAMpreneur and you'll be different

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