Monday, June 24, 2013

Haze Jerebu in Malaysia

I startled when i walked out of my house this morning.
I smelled smoke everywhere. It is unhealthy at all.
The haze (jerebu) has become worsen everyday.
haze jerebu malaysia shah alam kl

Even while driving, with the windows tightly shut, you can still smell the smoke, right?
It is that terrible that when i was driving this morning, i saw people wearing mask while driving. cant imagine how motorcyclists with the direct exposure.
jerebu haze malaysia

API (Air Pollutant Index)

Even when i tried to check the API (Air Pollutant Index) at the website seemed to be very busy. you cant get through at this moment. people everywhere in Malaysia are very concerned and worried on the raising index.

People are talking all about API or Air Pollutant Index
Now lets read what en.wikipedia tells us

Lets take a look at what is the latest API reading in Malaysia (click here to checkout the API at your location)
haze jerebu malaysia API IPU

haze jerebu malaysia API IPU

Mostly all schools in KL, Selangor and Malacca are advised to shut down due to this hazardous air.
Luckily Lissa's daycare still opens though they close the school.
haze jerebu kl shah alam melaka

Tips in this haze, jerebu environment :

1. Stay INDOOR!

To stay indoors as much as you can. After all, the haze is out there – just don’t go outside lah!

2. Wear face mask

Especially if you have to go outside

3. Drink plenty of water

This is to ensure that the toxin from your body can be removed

4. Ensure good air quality in your car

Especially when you have to send ur kids to day care.
Just because the air-conditioning is on doesn't mean the air is better. Air-conditioners cool recycled – not fresh – air; it doesn't actually do anything to clean the air. These airborne contaminants – typically ash and micro-dust particles – will begin to build up. At the same time, the levels of other contaminants will also rise due to a lack of new air replacement. These contaminants include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, viruses, and excessive levels of carbon dioxide, which can also increase over time when there’re people in a confined space. Once these airborne contaminants reach unhealthy levels – really, you may as well be walking outside in the haze with no N95 on. Some studies say that in some situations, the air inside can actually be five times as bad as the air outside.
So, get yourself a car sterilizer. This is crucial especially with babies and kids in your car.
I felt safe this morning while driving with kids inside and i havent smell any smoke; as compared to mr hubby's car without the car sterilizer

You can read the details here

car sterelizer haze jerebu tips haze jerebu malaysia API IPU

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Take good care of yourself and loved ones.


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