Monday, June 17, 2013

Motherhood and Report Card day

Being a wife
Being a mom of two
Being a full time engineer
Being a part time entrepreneur
All at one time
What does that mean?

Some of you may judge me, my life as being hectic and i should focus wearing one hat at one time.
Look at ourselves in a mirror and tell me that you are perfect to say those words to me.

Im no perfect mom nor wife nor engineer nor entrepreneur.
But im learning and improving myself.

Enuff said.

Now, im wearing the MOM hat.

Let me tell you a story of this young little girl
named Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah.

To given birth to you on 2nd October 2009 was the first moment of my big step of being a mom. (Read the full insight HERE)
I still can remember when you were such a small baby..
In a blink of an eye, you've grown up so fast!
Now a you're a preschooler, in a 4 year old class. I didnt thought that would be an interesting part, as sending you off to a preschool just so you got to socialize with other kids your age..and maybe learn a bit of ABC or Aliff Baa Taa.. but now, you've learned more than i could ever imagine.

you now know how to write A to Z. how to write your name. you know how to type your name in my phone. you know how to read a lil bit, which one's bigger or smaller. you know how to count from zero to know how many fingers you have, added with Hanie's cute lil fingers. you know how to read Iqra'. you know partial of Al-fatihah. you know the moves in solat. 
Im thankful for this gift, Allah.

Last weekend, I've got a chance to visit Lissa's school and her teachers for the Report Card Day. I was super surprised when Lissa's Teachers told me that she was doing so well in class that she got all As in the exams. with less effort from teachers to show her how to do the papers, i was impressed.
 She also now knows how to float during swimming class, how to dive, a lil move on basic swimming. now she learns in her swimming class in the adult pool. no more scared of the depth. she is a quick learner.
Her teachers told me that she even showed her friends how to do the math or english; showing which one is the correct answer.
Alhamdulillah, she's top 2 in her class.
Though there were some ups and downs with her younger sister, Lissa tried her best to show her sister how to write ABC or how to color, or where to place the stickers.
Alhamdulillah, they have been good friends and very very close.
This funny and loving sister has showed me tremendous changes!
From being a small elder sister..
To a very loving and caring elder sister.
I love being a mom of these two kids.
Love it til i'd sacrifice anything for them.
I'm working so hard now to ensure that i could spend more time with them in the future.

To those of you, perfect mothers out there, stop criticizing other moms on how they raise their kids, how they didnt spend enough time with their kids like you did or how they taught their kids. Every moms out there are doing their best, in their very own way. 

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