Monday, June 17, 2013

Parenting Tips : Kids Playroom Project

This is another delayed entry.

I've been meaning to complete the kids playroom earlier this year.
but as usual, bertangguh-tangguh for so many months, baru berjaya completed the task.
We started with buying a few boxes for the storage.
IKEA has lots of choices storage boxes. 
kids storage box ikea
 We love the multiple colors to choose for the toys storage.
ikea kids storage box
 Hanie chose to hang on to the green one. ngeee..
the toys
BEFORE : Look at the mess! This is the corner at the living room. So messy that it hurts my eyes, literally.
Haish, sepah..sepah...
Again, messy in the balls house. so many toys categorized as NOT Balls were mixed here.
tak berapa nak kemas, kan? sakit nye mata
So, how to get your kids to help you? Ask them to help. easy. kalau tanak dengar, marah.. it worked..hehehe
No, ask them nicely.. Come help mama, good girls.. and they listen if you asked them politely. Marah2 wont do the job.
Eh eh, belum kemas lagi dah penat? those were tactics from them. dont bother. ask them to pickup their stuff, toys and books, arrange it in the boxes according to categories.
AFTER : Now, all soft toys in these Laundry Container - also from IKEA
AFTER : Although mcm bersempit-sempit je those soft toys, but at least they were in a basket.
AFTER : Books in clear box, small toys in pink box, bigger toys in blue box and pencil colors and stationary in smaller box.
AFTER : Only balls in the Ball house.
Im done!
But wait...

When they started playing...
get ready for this!
Another messy playroom
But let it be.
At least those toys in the playroom, not in the living room, right?
Just make sure they clean it up once they're done.
Or, if you dont have time, keep the door shut!
Tips for super busy mom.hehehehehe

and have fun with kids, dont forget that :)


Nadine said...

hehehe...cute entry ni.

memang kan toys diaorg ni kalau biar je mmg sakit mata. i ni nasibla temporary kat my house. so most of the toys are sealed in the box still. ni pindah balik rumah usj next week, entah mcm mana la nak kemas ni...huhu

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Hihi.. mmg Nad.. penat nk kemas sbb esok sepab balik. So get one room for them.. nak sepah, sepah la dlm least klu org datang, xla nampak.tutup je pintu bilik tu ngeheheheh

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