Friday, June 7, 2013

Menstrual Cramp aka Sengugut

My actual experience

Having menstrual cycle, "Aunt Flow" , Period, datang bulan or whatever you called it, was a NIGHTMARE to me. The nightmare came every month starting from when i had it first time which was in standard five til i was a mom of two. 
Trust me, those who said menstrual pain will go away once u had baby is totally bs! 
Senggugut, period pain, menstrual cramp, dysmenorrhea or whatever you called it, the pain is the same. I will be in bed, "curling" in a blanket, stuff myself with any painkiller that worked (those days Panadol was my bestfriend til the day it didnt work. i convert to the higher dose, Arcoxia)
It was horrified! I almost skipped my UPSR that time, but i went and tried my best. Luck on my side..still got As for that. and then again during SPM. i still remember it was Chemistry paper. i did it quickly just so i can go back to my bed and laid down. oh, i didnt flunk it. Alhamdulillah.. nasib baik it was the chemistry paper which was one of my fav subject. if it was Physic, mmg kantoi big time la..masa tu i still remember my teacher looked surprised that i finished the paper early and got out of the hall.
Then again when it was the time during the preparation program to the States. There was some assessment which i couldnt attend. i had to take it another day, different session from my classmate. Again during the result announcement on which college we were going in the States. I wasnt there to know where i got into. my besties had to look for my result.
Those were days when IT happened.
Oh ya, another very very important event when the senggugut gotten worst. It was right after our solemnization day. went back from the mosque, i started feeling uneasy. the cycle came late and when it strike, i was helpless. after taking a lil bit of photography here and there, i curled up on bed after taking some painkillers, i just couldnt be with families. it was something i regret til today that i couldnt even sent off my parents in law that time.
Now..after suffering so many episodes of important events of my life being "disturbed" by the menstrual cramp, when i heard about how to "cure" this cramping pain / senggugut natural way, i wasnt hesitate at all!
Being on medication every month since the past 17 years, i know it is time to say GOODBYE to the pain.
Yes, Premium Beautiful is the answer. It is not just an advertorial, sponsored post. it is a TRUE story. 
What i've shared with you is REAL. Thus, i really really want to help out there who have been suffering like me throughout years. Let's find this alternative, natural way and remove the pain.

How does it work?
By having a FIR embedded in the material, it stimulates cellular metabolism which increases the body’s regenerative ability and helps restore the proper function of the nervous system. Far Infrared energy is absorbed very easily by the human body and helps in all aspects of bodily growth and development.The body has its own mechanism for producing FIR which stimulates healing and cellular repair. When the body is exposed to Far Infrared Rays, our healing processes are stimulated and our body’s own repair responses are activated restoring function and detoxifying. It also detoxifies the body of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.

There you go. that was the scientifically explained.
The summary?
It helps. It helps many of women who suffer women's health problem.
Get yours now and try it.
Feel the different.
Contact me, your authorized trained agent and i'll assist you to feel good about yourself.
Lets stop the suffering.


Nadine said...

wow..pakai korset pun bleh helps on this menstrual pain ye? good to know! :)

i know how painful it can be, nasib baik sgt lepas deliver faaz dulu, so far xde lagi kena menstrual pain. harap2 kekal mcm tula..

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Suprisingly yes, nad.. based on testimonies, mmg ramai yg kurang sengugut. in fact scientifically, pb ade fir yg boleh lancarkan perjalanan darah. thats why during my period, tak keluar lg dah darah ketul2.dulu sbb berketul2 tu yg sakit.. now smooth and lancar jeik. alhamdulillah

kan?? sakit kan? mcm bergulung2. masa dulu sape yg ckp i ngade2 mc or cuti sbb period pain, mmg i rs nak lempang jeik. bcoz they never know how. sama je rs mcm contraction 2 to 6 cm..hehe

u r lucky! dah hilang ek since deliver. i ingt i pun mcm tu dulu. tp tak..makin teruk kdg2. now, terus gone.

eja khalid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eja khalid said...

I've had experience my worst ever segugut last month... sampai demam2! It was really terrifying! I guess I have to start wearing my PB back! Thanks a lot for sharing kak :))

Airin Diana Anuar said...

You have PB? yes, shud wear it often. mmg boleh hilang senggugut, insyaAllah.
consistently wear it and bleh improve blood circulation.

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