Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Grumpy me


What does that mean?

It is not a positive word
It is in fact a negative one.

According to Thesaurus:
Adj.1.grumpy - annoyed and irritablegrumpy - annoyed and irritable                
ill-natured - having an irritable and unpleasant disposition

why grumpy?

Yesterday, it should be a moment to be celebrated for. but not for me.
My boss came to me and informed that he has proposed me to management to give me an upgrading.
being an 8-years employee, promises and sweet talks like that just wont make me feel any better.
Having to request for a transfer to a new department last year, taking a higher post, subordinating extra executives and non-executives, more workloads, covering up jobs for a manager and GM, just makes me numb.

It has been too much for me.

as for now, if there's any raise, i'd just say Alhamdulillah.

If no, nothing will affect me.

i know where i'm heading to.
im no longer waiting to have a raise in this pyramid system.
you're shock?
yes, we are working in a pyramid system where after all this while we were so afraid of those pyramid scheme.
Just look at the organization chart down below :

How long do you think the clerk or operator down below the pyramid can be a CEO?
10 years? 20 years? or not even a chance??

In the business world im venturing to right now, Everyone has equal chance.
Everyone starts at the same lowest position, distributor.
But everyone can climb up to the highest position as a Crown Diamond Manager.

Look at Hanis Haizi.
She was a housewifeearning next to nothing.
she started as Sales Manager in 4 years back
you can read her confession HERE

Now, where she's at?
with business partners all over Malaysia, both East and West; Brunei, Singapore and now Qatar.

It is no easy steps
It requires hard work and consistency

but, within 4 years, she now has a dream house, a dream car; a supportive husband doing it full time with her; a BIG income 6 figure salary, a stable income and bonus; travelling all around the world; the first training center in a name of GLAM and a whole bunch of biz partners.

hanis haizi business partner qatar singapore

what more can you ask for?

business 2 years working 20 years
The highest ranking in business, within 2 years can achieved with 5-6 figure income, travelling foc, dream car, many many more!
working? 20 years dapat ke achieve highest position? i dont think so. working for almost 10 years pun got me nowhere...
berhenti berharap.
mulakan usaha
start your business career here now.

building towards success.

be part of my team, GLAMpreneur 


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