Thursday, May 8, 2014

It is time to say Hello

Hi all!

It has been a while since my last updates.

Many have asked me to updates more on my new job now that i've resigned from my first ever job at Proton (you can catch up here in previous entry)

Yeah, having a new working environment was a bit scary in the beginning. But im getting used to it. It is so much fun as far as i'm concern now. People would say, when you're working in a new environment, you tend to compare from the previous work place you had.
Aha, i couldn't agree more. i keep on comparing here and there. and Alhamdulillah, up until now i am satisfied with my decision.
My first day at work, parked on the visitor's parking area
I started work on 2nd of May 2014. 

and this was my first selfie right before heading to Puchong, new office, uploaded on Instagram :

Ok now people asked, what's the difference? best ke tempat keje baru?

Let me list down a bit.

What's the difference, as in better than before?
1. I have my own big working desk and own cubicle with no one can "disturb"

2. I have my own tea person. One cup of hot drink in the morning, and another in the afternoon. We'll get 2 bottles of Mineral Water every day.

3. My car will get shaded parking all the time! No need to berpanas or berhujan lagi

4. Whenever i have to go to the headquarters in KL, i get my own designated room

What's the scariest thing?
1.I am the only Procurement in the division, reporting direct to Division CFO and to the Group in HQ at KL.
2. There's so much to do in the new workplace. there'll be a lot of things to execute and things will be piling up.
3. Driving to KL once in a while will definitely test my patience and skill to cilok mencilok.

That's pretty much what i can conclude for this 1 week at the new place.

Oh, where at? Let me keep you guessing for another week before i reveal where i work right now. hehehe. stay tuned!
Will definitely miss all the memories created in Proton in the past 8 years plus.
My last farewell party with my colleague and bosses.

and these pictures?
Definitely follow me to the new place

A New place, a new azam and mission to be accomplished!
It is time to say Hello!
and keep smiling :)


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