Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bonus Day


Last Monday was our BONUS Day for the business.

Usually we will received our bonus credited straight to our bank account between 10th to 12th of the month.

Doing it part time, of course it is such a great feeling to have two source of income. When the salary from main work usually almost reaching red border, there you go, another income from the part time job.

Part time business of 2 hours per day versus 8 hours working as the engineer at GLC. 
But the return?
the part time business income is currently more than my day to day job paid!
It is so worth it!!

My personal message to my cdm, Shaliza Aziz
Without her guidance, i cant reach where i am today.
Now, anyone can be part of us, from as low as RM500 one time capital with the Junior Program.
Then we will guide and train you to be a 4 to 5 figures income Glampreneur.

For example, my business partner, a student, Hana Huzaidy, comes so close to a 4 figures income this month. She will definitely reach 4 figures next month with her network is expanding, customers increasing, the products in hand will never last more than 2 days! Good job, hana. insyaAllah she'll become one of the first Sales Manager among students this month. amin! 
The dedication, bulat hati, follow what ever leaders do, i am sure that she will graduate with 4 figures income soon, while her friends are still looking for a stable job.

Be part of us, earn more for Hari Raya angpaw preparation and a lot other things.

Contact me 017-6511966 or my husband Rosman 017-6511955


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