Friday, May 9, 2014

Preparation for Hari Raya 2014

Eh, puasa pun belum lagi, dah pikey duit raya?

Dah habis ganti puasa belum ni?

I am not talking about raya, as in celebrating raya NOW.
But we need to do some preparation starting from now. Am i right?

Most likely kita akan berpuasa on 29th June 2014. Hari Raya will be some where around 28th July 2014.
Oh, that will be another 2 months before puasa and 3 months before raya!!

What are preparation for Raya this year? Let me list down a few that I've thought of.

1. To look good on Hari Raya

We need to prepare that not starting puasa, but starting from now on!
And looking at this RTW by Jovian Mandagie is a torture!!

Coco by Jovian collections for RTW Hari Raya 2014

The solution?

Wear the Premium Beautiful corset for having to hold yourself not getting hungry during puasa, and also control your stomach during the open houses you're gonna attend during Hari Raya!

I am having a special promotion for Premium Beautiful Corset.
Do contact me and state "RTW with Premium Beautiful" and you will definitely receive a total of RM300* discount from me!!

*t&c applies.

2. Having a Thick pocket for Hari Raya Angpau

Yes it is true. Not only that you have to spend for hari raya baju, urself ur hubby and kids, but u also need to prepare hari raya angpaw to your family and relatives; especially to your parents, right?

The solution?
Having an option to opt for a second income.
For duit raya project, GLAM offers a new marketing plan under Peluang Panas!

GLAMpreneur has a various options for you to start your own business with our guidance.

You may choose which one to opt for depending on your ability. You decide either to start with a Junior plan Basic, Advance or Manager.
The bonus will calculated throughout the plans.
You may earn RM10,000 throughout the 3 months period.

Ok now you say how?
Contact me and let me share with you how's the plan. You can start as low as RM500.

I can be reached at 017-6511966
or email


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