Monday, May 12, 2014

"Saya bukan Zizan Raja Lawak"

Ucapkanlah kata-katamu 
dengan gurau sendamu

Jelaskanlah apa kau mahu
Kan ku sedia menunggu

Takkan ada lagi cinta yang setara
Kau dan aku
Kau dan aku

Okay lagu ni seriously keeps on bugging me these few days.
asal buka je or definitely this song by Zizan and Kaka will be playing on the radio.
punyalah tak tau apa tajuk siap google lagi and jumpa. The title is Inifiniti Cinta, okay (utk sape yg xtau la. mostly ramai dah tau except for me..hehe)

Seriously i dont know this girl but suara dia memang sedap ;)

Okay, why im talking about this song or zizan??

Asal dengar je lagu ni i will smile and hampir ketawa
because i just met a new business partner. yes, a guy, under Glam Lelaki program.

and his name is not Zizan, of course la kan, but people called him Zizang just because he looks like Zizan.

"Saya bukan Zizan. Nama saya Syazril"
Yes, nama dia Syazril ye.
bukan Zizan or Zizang.

He attended the first intensive class held by The diamond Circle team last week.

He is currently doing some part time to have some savings. As far as i know, he did cook and sell nasi lemak in UiTM Merbok last time. Sangat kagum, okay! masak and bungkus sendiri. no help at all!

I taught about how to calculate Hari Raya bonus
(this is what we normally practise to new business partners. how to calculate bonus and monthly income.)

Doing some acting, and he did make us laugh.
Ok nature seorang iras Zizan kot pandai buat lawak

With my husband (left); Duan Cdm Ieja's husband (middle) & Syazril (right)

We had some discussion and activities for our Mineral Coffee project. and he did very well!
Surprised when people around stopped by and asked him, is he Zizan? ye ke awak zizan? lol!!

With that, me and my team, welcomed Syazril to our team!
(partial of us during the class)
Age, gender wont do much difference. What makes it difference is the effort and motivation.

Let's du-it together, Syazril!! 

Those who wants to get to know Syazril, or get his autograph or selfie with him, do visit his newly launched blog at

or you can follow his life updates through Instagram at @syazrilhasnol

or get in touch with him at 0172890689 

You are all welcomed to be his business partners and treasure this journey together with him

Before i go, let's answer these questions, which picture is Syazril and which one is Zizan?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Now i got you confused, right?!

Sila comment untuk menjawab.
Sape jawab betul, dapat 10 markah.
Claimable with Mineral Coffee sample.hehe
Good Luck!!


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