Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Family Trip : Journey to Singapore (via public transportation) Part 1

Yes, you read it well. by public transportation.

I'm going to tell a story how we have a family trip to Singapore by public transportation from JB to Singapore (return trip) along with these two lil kids.

It has been more than 5 months ago, okay. so bear with me, there're some details that I cant remember. but i'll try to do my very best :)

We planned a family trip to Singapore in December last year.
It wasnt actually a planned vacation. It was a short 1 whole day getaway with the kiddos along meeting new friend from Facebook to deliver the Marine Essence product. Yes, the sabun hijau thingy has arrived in Singapore!

We arrived JB early in the morning, about 8 am. We parked our car at the Johor Bahru City Square and walked to CIQ.
Took this jejantas to the CIQ
Turn Left
Inside the JB Sentral
Cross the road from JB Sentral to CIQ, Bangunan Sultan Iskandar

The smiley Hanie
In the CIQ building, just follow the signboard showing Woodlands
Once all documents like passport checked by the immigration, proceed to downstairs to take bus to the Woodland.
This bus is going to the Woodland, No 950

The area was very clean, not even a tissue or candy wrapper
Q up, and no one will potong Q over here. Very discipline
Dalam bas dah ni. And i salute Singaporeans over here. They will always give parents with kids priority to sit.

Kakak, still in sleepy mode.

In the bus, going tru the bridge.
Once you arrived Singapore, you'll go through the immigration where they'll inspect your passport.
Then go on the bus again, make sure you kept the ticket previously so that you wont have to pay again.
We went down the Woodland bus station.

I met with this new friend from FB. Really friendly.
That's why it is easier to do business online. Anyone in the whole world you can get to

Then isi perut at the McDonald nearby before continue to the next destination.
And to my surprised, all KFCs, McDonalds in Singapore are Halal Restaurant. senangla nak cari makan

Hubby kekenyangan

Happy dapat Happy Meal

We are in the Woodland Station, taking the MRT to the Sentosa Island
While waiting for the MRT, sempat lagi posed.
Posed lagi dalam train. agaknye orang keliling pelik, nape la diorg ni asek selfie je.hehehe

Kakak bermanja

These two kids excited tanak duduk

The blinking light showed where we are. Senang nak track berapa station lagi nak sampai

From Woodland we have to take the exchange train at Bishan Station. Follow je the map, either red, orange or yellow etc
This is the MRT line. You can see where you're going and which train to take

Going to Habour Front via Circle Line

Ok, pose lagi.

Si kecik ni memang sangat active and tak duduk diam

Nampak tak dah mula thumb sucking? maknanye i'm sleepy mama

Lissa Maisarah. kakak yang boleh diharap

Once arrived, we took a Cable Car to the Sentosa Island.
Actually you can choose either to travel via bus or the cable car. i told my husband that there's no other way except by cable car. if i told him that we can take a bus, there's no way we could go ride the cable car. he's a bit scared of the height, you know.

Hanie muncung dah. Actually this picture was taken from a retiree couple from Malaysia. Sebab dia a bit older, tak sampai ati nak suruh amik balik, even tho muka kakak dah kena kerat.ngee

Nice view from here

Serun jugak.

Approaching the Sentosa Island
Ok, let me stop here and let's continue in Part 2 soon.


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