Monday, June 28, 2010

New Episode

I'm counting days for one important episode of our life
1. Last day of Lissa being taken care of her auntie - beloved Mak Teh (my 2nd youngest sister)
2. Last day of me going out for work alone-and to workplace only - and take my own sweet time to work
3. First day of Lissa to be taken care of a new person - Opah (as what her babysitter asked Lissa to call her)

I'm nervous..
seriously nervous about her wellbeing.
it's either her safety, her comfortness..
can she adapt with a new person, a new environment..
and last night was the worst
i think i'm having one of the "tak-sedap-ati" phase.
it was already 1 am, and i couldnt shut my eyes..
my heart was pounding.
counting days, and it'll be another 3 days (or i can say now we're left with 2 & 1/2 day)
by this thursday, 1st of July, i'll send Lissa to her Opah's house
the more i think about it, the more i couldnt sleep
i knew i have to be calm so that i could sleep..
and usually, when i felt like that, i have to get up, instead of tossing and turning..
and take my wudhuk and perform solat.
yes, last night came back as one of the most serene night ive ever felt
insyaAllah, if God's willing, everything will be okay.
may Lissa be protected from any harm and danger..
once upon a time
(credit to Mak Su)



jangan risau Airin..maybe sb Lissa dh lama dibwah jagaan adik ada rs tak sedap hati..

InsyaAllah..everything will be ok!

airin diana said...

thanks mommy nadia. sbb tu la kan.. kalau family jaga, mmg hati kite senang je. kalau bawah jagaan orang ni, mcm2 rasa. doa2 takde ape2..and lissa pun x la memilih sgt org & tak nangis2. nanti bbsitter baru dia x sanggup plak jaga.

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