Friday, June 25, 2010

happy mode

Half of my day yesterday could be concluded as very very happy (half defines as from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm).
because i collected and pumped up to 8 oz in 1 session.
with help of :
1. Banana

2. Sunflower seeds

3. of course my very helpful Spectra

resulted in a very full botlle of bm :
(i know some of mommies out there produced more than i get, but anyway, i want to highlight this moment as a token of appreciation for my hard work..chewah!)

oh ya, i forgot to add..
4. one of the reason why i was so happy :)
i was on the phone with this gentleman while pumping.. and the result proven!!



good ideas..out thats..mode happy tu yg buat susu lagik bnyk!

lalalallaa ;)

airin diana said...

nyanyi2 pun bleh boost mood + susu.. ;)

suria said...

good job airin..dulu sampai 6 months dah tak larat dah pump milk..once a day aja in the morning then lunch time balik tak payah perah2..thank god!

airin diana said...

tq su.. :)
ni pun berusaha keras tau. kena kuatkn semangat jeik. kalau tak, dah lama stop.hehe
su lg best, hari2 direct pun bleh ;)

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