Friday, June 18, 2010

Feeling Down?

It has been a very dramatic week for me.
My mood kept on swinging back and forth, happy and sad, excited and bored..
why would that be?
As i was thinking so hard to find the reason behind that, i noticed that i havent been visited by the menstrual people.
Since i gave birth to Lissa last year, they visited me twice up to now. the first time was during the April fool, which is quite funny..i tot it was a trick, but it was real! haha..gotcha! Then again last month, a bit late (day 45th) from the usual 30-day cycle i used to get before i got pregnant. If i counted from last month, today is my 35th day, and i havent got any signs of the visit. not that i'm afraid of getting pregnant, but i know the cycle hasnt been faithful to me since my full time breastfeeding job is quite packed :) Seriously, i prayed that i wont get the visit. i hate to have the cramp, the back pain and also tiredness.
However, on the other hand...
my mood swing is crazyyy!
im not saying it is obvious, cos my ofcemates wont notice any different
but inside, emotionally, i'm fighting with my crazy-beyond-extreme mood!
As examples..
This morning.. it was just about my husband's pant, i buried my frustration deep inside so that my husband wont notice, but i felt that i was a failure wife.. why? i couldnt find free time, to sit down and fold it nicely. the pant was crumpled inside clean laundry's basket, and when my husband wanted to wear it, i didnt have time to iron it since i was going to be late to work if i spend some time to iron it.  so i was feeling down, and didnt try to have any conversation with my husband all the way to work (which is just 10 min drive..) crazy, rite?
Last night, i was so tired after the perbarisan rehearsel, i didnt cook for dinner. it has been 1 week. and either we eat out or my husband would hv some food tapau for us. again, i felt as a failure mom..
Yesterday, i was so damn excited about the perbarisan, that my heart sang along with the song we want to play during the event.
and early that morning i was so happy because my husband took us out for dinner the other night.
can u feel my swinging mood?
When you're in a sad mood, it may feel like it will last forever, but usually feelings of sadness don't last very long — a few hours or maybe a day or two. A deeper, more intense kind of sadness that lasts a lot longer is called depression - which i dont think i have right now.

Found one article which has idea to eliminate sadness and seriuosly i found it fun to try:

In one study, participants who pronounced a long E, creating a smile, improved their mood. Another group of researchers was able to induce happy feelings by making people hold a pen in their teeth, again forcing a smile. Conversely, when those people had to hold the pen in their lips — making them pout — they felt unhappy.

This might explain what many doctors have noticed after injecting Botox: Patients who are less able to frown or scowl often report an improvement in their mood. A study of ten patients, published in The Journal of Dermatologic Surgery in 2006, provided some support for this theory. Data is still being analyzed from a larger study at Columbia University, in which 30 patients were treated with Botox and 30 with Restylane. "We're trying to determine if any aesthetic improvement will make people feel better, or if only the Botox improves moods," says Fredric Brandt, clinical associate professor of dermatology at the University of Miami.

So, which one should i try? the long E or botox? no, im not gonna try to that extend.. i'll opt for the long E then.. unless if that long E doesnt work ;)

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