Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exciting Week!

I am super excited this week. though i know that means a lot of work and going back home late.
why am i that excited?
no no.. it's not about my daily work and routine
it's about...

Karnival Akhir Sukan Antara Jabatan 2010 Proton!

No No.. I dont participate in any sports
I'm involved directly with the marching / perbarisan antara jabatan

As far as I'm concern, many people dont want to involve. but that only applied for other department except for mine, Casting dept. we are all excited when it comes to this event. It has been discontinued for about 4 years. I was involved last time in year 2006, as a "pemegang sepanduk". that was my first year in Proton, and in Casting Dept. People were cheering loudly as we passed by, since not many ladies presented their dept. I was quite embarassed, but being a "tough" girl, I put aside my feeling and control macho..haha.. recalling on that day, i felt so funny. i wore chinese cheong sam, while the other ladies wore sari and baju kurung (as rep for malay, chinese and indian).
The event will be held this sunday. and it was a tight duration for us to prepare. but we're trying our best. hopefully we could finish it off before the event.
I'll update on the event next week ;)
wish us luck!
We need the point to ensure our department will come out as "Juara Keseluruhan" this year!!



ha'ah...boleh g saing..
Last min ada org call mintak participate netball..hehe tp wakil rnd..bolley ke?
nak dah terjanji awal2 dulu sb Adam sakit..hopefully Adam will be ok taht mommy dia boleh beriadah..;)

airin diana said...

ala bestnye main netball!!
kitorg ni x cukup geng nak wat team.. next year kite wat team sendiri nak? tp wakil casting? hahaha...
okeh! jom gi saing..! netball start pkl brp?


kul 8 nk ke sana kut...
tp umah kita dekat aje kan..
bolley2..mane2 boleh qc pun tk cukup..dulu grounp engineering call ajak time tu tangan sakit..penngan angkat skrang sb selalu main ngan bdak kali ni join diorang!

airin diana said...

nadia menang x netball? ms closing xde announce pun event netball. pelik gak.

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