Monday, June 21, 2010

Lissa on her 38th Week

It has been quite some time no update on lissa's progress.
obviously now she can crawl pretty fast, crawl over other people and scream whenever she wants.
I've surfed some websites to get pretty much of the progress
here are what i found:

Your Baby Week 38
As your baby is becoming more attached to you, he might also be becoming more attached to an object, like his pacifier, a toy, or a favorite blanket. This comes from a little bit of insecurity, since he is learning all sorts of new things.
she will start her tantrum if she didnt get what she wants.

As your baby realizes that you may not always be right by his side, he may decide to attach himself to something that he can keep with him at all times. Your baby may also form such an attachment if there is a big change in your baby's environment. If you have started leaving your baby at a new child care provider, or with family more often, or if you move into a new, bigger house, your baby may possibly attach himself to something for comfort.
we'll be sending her off to a new babysitter by next month.. quite nervous about that. hopefully she'll be ok..aduh, nervous betul..

Week 38 Milestones
If your baby has mastered letting go of the furniture and standing on his own for a few seconds, he is about to learn to take new risks. You will soon notice that he isn't shaking when he stands and that he is now standing well. He might even start to shake his upper body, and dancing when there is music playing in the background. This is a new step of independence for your infant.
she starts standing up by her own, yes, for a few seconds. even my husband was so happy yesterday when he noticed the new progress of lissa

What Might Concern You at 38 Weeks
Do you have a hairless baby? While some babies are born with lots of hair, others are born with none. Many times when a baby is hairless at birth, it will be many months before hair begins to grow. For parents of little girls, pink dresses can get a bit old after the first several months, and hearing, "What a cute little boy!" can get older.
So when will your baby start to grow hair? There is no set time when it will begin to grow, but over time, normally by the end of the second year, your baby will have a beautiful headful of hair. Until then, just be thankful that you do not have to deal with tangles and shampooing every night at bath time.
this is definitely applied to Lissa. even though she wore a pink dresses - i repeat - pink dresses, people still asked me, "boy? girl?". it gets older each time that i've to say, it's a baby girl...duhhh... plus with her very lasak style, people would assume that she's a boy. now i have to wait for her hair to grow more and longer.. no more botak please, abah!
and this is her new style of sleeping..
teringat plak entry irin putri about her son's sleeping position.



commey betol Lissa tertongeng tido..

mmg lah baby gal kan ikut ayah..Adam pakai shirt n short pants pun org panggil kakak..adoi!!

airin diana said...

dia skrg mmg suka sgt tido tonggeng2. huuhu

aah la kot.. adam ikut mommy dia. kalau rambut panjang sket je, mesti comel mcm bb girl:)

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