Friday, July 2, 2010

The little explorer

Hi mommies!
Meet me, Lissa, the little explorer - that's what mama called me nowadays.
because i love to explore anything new to me.
like this big shiny talkative thing. i love to stare at it closely, even tho mama and abah asked me not to be so close to this thing.
can you see me and also mama's hand trying to pull me away?
and suddenly the thing blacked out, but i could still hear the sound.
what's that audio thingy moving without any other picture?
let me adjust the button if somehow the thing changed back to normal.
hmm..nevermind la.. let's find other interesting thing to do..
yes! i found mama's pump! let's play with it!
oh, mama, what r u doing?
are u trying to spy on me?
i'll tell abah about it!

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