Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When a man afraid of his own shadow

I think it is not nice to talk about anything negative in this blog. however... my brain and emotion are about to explode! I was so bengang with this person in my office. not saying that i wanted to kill him!! hehe.. i just hate the way he dengki2 at me. he was so far above my league, but in some way, he's afraid that i might take his position. no, im not to, because ive been assigned to a new project, which will never be in the same process as today. i know that he was so frustrated that he didn't get the opportunity to involve in this new project. i have no idea and have no say in the selection of members to join the project team. this is purely based on our manager, senior manager and director. so, sorry that you didnt get picked. it wasnt and will not be my problem or concern. So, wake up and get off my way! You are definitely afraid of your own shadow. If you are good, then dont worry about anything. (and even he got the promotion lately and has been bragging it off for about 2 weeks about it!) i just cant wait for this project to finish off so that i could move away from this man! and even currently i'm 70% focussed on this new project, and will be leaving him, forever! i can wish goodbye and good luck to him finding future and potential victim.

It's best for me to focuss on my baby Lissa.. she now knows how to manja2 with me, and crawl towards me whenever she felt afraid or in "danger" especially when her aunties doing all the scary sound for her. so funny when she tried to crawl faster that her legs going all off the allignment.
Last weekend, we went out to Toys'r'us .. thinking of buying lissa toys.. but while cruising along the store, we couldnt find anything interesting. we tried to give to lissa, she knocked her fingers a few times and turned away. until i found a section for reading. when i gave a book to her, she was excited and started to hold it very tightly. so we decided to buy the book for her, not one, but two.. the little red riding hood and the ABC animal book.

Lissa getting ready to go out - with her bantal busuk..
(muncung je sbb tak bleh nak tengok tv..haha)

Lissa eyeing for abah's food

Lissa at home : happy with her book
(bukan baca pun, sibuk gigit)

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