Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 9-month birthday, Lissa!

Lissa dear,
today you have reached 9-month old.
how time flies so fast that mama thought u were still a lil baby

but you are now becoming a big girl
cute and very smart girl

who knows how to smile (even to strangers),
who knows how to make funny faces,
who has learnt how to kiss,
who knows how to grin, a toothless grin,

who knows how to do tricky stuff
- like this, trying to convey mama, abah and makteh that u are already full, pretend to vomit (eish eish),
who knows how to pose for the camera,

who knows how to clap hands whenever heard your fav songs,
who knows to throw tantrum when didnt get what you want,
who will sing along whatever song mama sang (though the lyrics were upside down),
who will do a cute and irresistable face whenever you want milk

well, a lot you've accomplished along these 9 months journey
and a lot sweet "peel" that make mama and abah laughed
and you are our dear sweet lil baby
in our heart, you will always be loved
and i'm Thanking God for being blessed with a lovely girl, a loving husband, a happy family, being able to still breastfed you until now..and insyaAllah until at least you reach 2 years old.

and you know what, abah will do whatever it takes to fulfill your needs and dreams
 May Allah bless you
May you be a solehah girl

Just remember, we love you very much!
Abah & Mama


MOMMY NADIA said... sweet..bestnye mommy Lissa karang puitis n syahdu k!

neway..cepat kan Lissa dah besar..growing up to be lovely baby :)

happy 9months dear!

airin diana said...

agree with u. cepat je dah besar.. after this, dpt kaki plak, lari2, mcm big bro adam ;)

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