Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shanghai, Here We Come : Day 1 The Departure Story

Hye All!

I've been meaning to tell you the story of our trip to Shanghai sooner. But as usual, the pictures got so stuck in the camera and also our phone till ive got the time to transfer the files to the laptop.

Now, after some editting, resizing and renaming the pictures, now im ready to share you our experience in Shanghai trip.

Let me start from the beginning.

We were supposed to get into 1:00 am flight on Early Saturday morning, but as soon as we were about to leave to Nilai from my office on friday, 15th September 2014, we've got a text from our tour leader, Zarra, telling us that our flight has been delayed to 5:00 am. Fuuhh, felt a bit relieved that weve got some time to get ready.

Once we arrived at my parents, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, we freshen up and took our own sweet time to get ready. My husband even got time to join my brother-in-law played badminton at the KLIA court.

I did spend time with my two kiddos, telling them that both of us are going to Shanghai for work. and they did remember the place and even told their teachers that we went to Shanghai.

At around 2 am, we got ready, i slept about 2 hours, my father and my youngest sister dropped us off at the KLIA Main Terminal.

Now lets enjoy the moments captured in the KLIA airport until we reached Shanghai Airport.

Not so skema picture

Skema picture. haha

This is our tour guide, Zarra. Cantik and lemah lembut orangnya

During the briefing

One of GlamLelaki, Ezam. He is a senior engineer in one of the MNC

The Green wave in KLIA

Introducing my room mate for this trip, tak lain tak bukan, Mr husband. ehehe

My leader, Shaliza Aziz, founder of The Diamond Circle

Good bye Malaysia!

While waiting for boarding time, we took a break at Old Town White Coffee.

Muka mengantuk tu! 3 am okay, not 3 pm.hehe

The guys

Malaysia Airlines flight

Husband pun dah ngantuk, mata merah. Sape suh tak tidur and went playe for badminton games?

From left, Yong, me and Ieja

In the middle is Abg Rijal, he is one of GM in Telekom Malaysia. impressed kan? dah berjawatan tinggi, but still doing business in glam as part time. He and his wife are looking for Time Freedom

Anywhere, posing semata. lol!

Our Selfie. a wajib post in every trip

Yeay, we have arrived after 5 hours journey.
Penat? Of course, but the excitement mengatasi segalanya.
Once we arrived, we went to the restroom, freshen up and get ready to go!!

We were brought for lunch since we arrived closed to 12 noon already. After lunch, we went to the Oriental Pearl Tower, highlights of Shanghai.

I'll tell story about the place in my next entry.

Stay tuned!!



Nurul Ain Zulkarnaind said...

hurm.. entry awak menarik. saya rasa macam nak ke sana lagi sekarang hehe

Airin Diana Anuar said...

adik manisss,

adik nak ke mana? kakak belum bercerita lagi ke shanghai. baru cerita kat klia. hahaha

Nurul Ain Zulkarnaind said...

tu ke menara tu ler hehehe

ala lama x naik roller coaster kan

Airin Diana Anuar said...

tula, kan yong, frust betul bila dia cakap x jadi naik indoor roller coaster tu. sedey :(

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