Monday, October 20, 2014

Lunges, Donkey Kicks and Zumba

Hi All!

I've been a bit exercise freak lately.
Though I cant really go out and go jogging, especially since the weather is all hazy and unhealthy, plus with very limited extra free time, i tried my best to do at least few rounds of lunges routine and some zumba.

Here are few of lunges routine that you may follow. oh, i did few rounds, and cheat a bit in this earlier stage. hehe. taknak my body and legs terkejut ;)

Anyway, I've added a few of Donkey Kick. It really works for my abs and also leg. It also helps remove cellulite!! Trust me, this is one of the best routine. I can do it while watching my CSI ;)


Yeah, it is the Caipirinha video. Try it and you'll sweat ur a** off!! trust me!!

Let's do the 30 days challenge starting from now!! :)

All the best!


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