Thursday, October 23, 2014

Amal Project : House For Gaza

Assalamualaikum all

My heart breaks whenever I came across pictures of Gaza's destruction. It is heartbreaking especially when you can see women and children dead bodies and many others injured, lost their school and house.

About 2,465 houses totally destroyed and 14,667 houses damaged. And soon winter is coming.. how could they survive?

Sad right?

Now, so few that we can do. I'd like to call for all friends who are reading this, let's together we collect fund to help them.

We, glampreneurs would like to contribute along with your contribution. The Contribution will be until 15th November 2014.

Say 130 of us here contribute RM50 each, we manage to get a cabin for them to stay during this winter season.

Any sale starting from today until 15th November, minimum of RM1 will be contributed to this fund.

May God bless all of us for helping our brothers and sisters.


Do text me for details. 017-6511966


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