Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I want to touch a dog Campaign

This is OUTRAGEOUS! It is such an insult.

No, I am not against No Cruelty to Animal campaign.

I am not saying that you can be cruel to dogs. Yes, some of them are cute. But it is HARAM to touch them. Muslim cant touch them without necessary reason. Saje nak peluk2, for what? Then nak kena samak the whole body?

I Want To Touch a Dog Campaign was an insult to Islam and Muslim.

What a shame, especially looking at those Malays, and some of them brought along their small kids. Havent you remember the lesson you've learnt when you were in primary school? Had your ustazah and ustaz taught you about Najis Mughallazah?

Dengan bangganya showed to the world!!

I was in disbelief!

Abstracted from Yahoo
The adviser to the Johor Islamic Re‎ligious Council said it was haram (prohibited) for Muslims to deliberately touch dogs as they were dirty (najis mughallazah) according to two Muslim schools of thought, Shafie and Hanbali.
"Don't try to create a culture that goes against Islam and the Shafie school of thought, especially when it has elements of insulting the ulama in this country," he was quoted as saying in Malay-language daily Berita Harian.
"This is forbidden for three reasons, which are religion, health and a culture that contradicts with Islam. It must be remembered that Malaysia adheres to the Shafie school of thought," he said.

Okay, now ada yang nak keluarkan fatwa sendiri ke?

Lemme launch a new campaign now, I want to touch a tiger Campaign. Anyone interested?
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Moga kita dan keluarga dalam lindungan Allah dan jauhi dari kesesatan.


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