Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Movie Review : Dracula Untold

I got a chance to watch movie last Sunday night.

We went to the GSC Alamanda to catch the 10:30 pm movie.

It was fullhouse! luckily we booked the tickets through gsc online portal, if not, it'll be hours before we can get our tickets. The movie was swamped with people!!

What was the movie we watched? It was the Dracula Untold.

How was the movie?

It wasnt a scary or spooky movie. It was a bit like a hobbit and lord of the ring type.

The story line was around this main character, Vlad. It tells a story how a normal human became a dracula. This is how a history of a dracula begun.

How a man sacrificed his own normal llife for his son, his country.

There was a very touchy scene where he promised that he'll protect his son no matter what

And of course, his queen, the lovely Sarah Godon played as Mirena.

My recommendations, if you love the action, combat type of movie, you might love this movie.

I'm giving a 3.5 stars rating out of 5 stars.


Fadzilah Asmuin said...

Airin citer kisah apa? best x?
bper bintang boleh bagi?

Airin Diana Anuar said...

airin bagi 3.5 stars.
Citer dia how dracula bermula and how the existance.

Not bad. Sedih pun ada jugak. If ade sequel, i might go to watch :)

pegi la tengok
plus, hero dia mmg ahemm! ;)

Fadzilah Asmuin said...

hehehe..lama xtgok wayang ni.. cter bnyak best2 pulak bulan ni.. harus tegok ni..

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