Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At last!

At last, i managed to find some time to change my blog template. though it wasnt that difficult since i used the ready-made template from blogger. a bit malas..later i hv to find time to create my own - which i doubt i hv :)
Though this template is so simple and requires less time, i like the look of the new fresh blue and green combination. hope u guys love it too!



nice and freshing!!

Airin tgh bz wit the campaign??
Nadia dah surrender..yg program lepas,Nadia dah lead for that one..
this one..I let Zahari to handle..
just settle mane2 yg balance sblm maternity leave nanti..heeehe...gud luck Airin!

airin diana said...

tq2 :)

nadia! tak acinye.. sungguh kejam membiarkan airin wat kempen. aduh. pening tau. sib baik la kat casting ni ade kaki kempen. dia mmg slalu actively involve dgn kempen. actual due date nadia bile? adam dah sihat dah?


owh so sorry Airin..
Due mid april..
rs nye macam awal je ni..
so by mid march cm gtu dah nak kena prepare..

nak letgo mane yg patut kt supervisor aje..
adam dah ok, mommy dia plak yg terjangkit!

Ernie rusley said...

Cantik la new look blog ni...

airin diana said...

hehe.. tq2 ernie.. ni template org malas. gunakan yg sedia ada ye :)

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