Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Makan-makan Session in February 2011

A special entry for the Makan-makan Session in this month ;)

TGI Friday, The Curve - 6th February 2011
Hmm.. wut shud i pick..

ma, can u help me?

erm.. intai sket org sebelah pick ape

yes, this one for me! fish &chips for kids

This is for my mama - the sirloin steak medium-well with brocolli & chips

This is for my abah - steak with shrimp. very very nice!!

after we had our lovely dinner, we went for a walk outside. somehow they had very colorful lights going on. and i was amazed.

i did take some time to enjoy the view.. thanks mama and abah for the outing ;)

Sushi King, Sunway Pyramid - 12th February 2011
yes, this is me enjoying my sushi

me again, with mouth full of rice

these sushi - mama ordered - of course, for her alone!

this one, mama ordered for me - sakana fry - nice!! i like

result of stacked plates - combination from abah, mama & me!

The Black Canyon Coffee- 20th February 2011

This restaurant, located at AEON Jusco Bukit Tinggi Shopping Center, has been visited once by my parents before i was born. However, at that time they only had the coffee, not the entry. This time around, with me present, of course they have to try the entry. Surprised by the variety of the menu, from western up to thai cuisine, steak to tomyam, they were confused with what to order..
mama never missed to try any steak offered

Abah ordered chicken wings as appetizer

this creamy chicken soup came as complimentary with any ordered steak

and this is me, sleeping, way from home til reach this restaurant (yeah, i did give alone time for my parents to enjoy their food!)

this is abah's ordered. udon tom yam with a lot of big prawn inside. very very superb dish!

i think this is Jamaican ice coffee for abah

with a slogan a drink from paradise, available on earth, the cappucino was indeed one of the best ;) served with jasmine tea and alphabet cookies - mama's
 With all the foods that we've enjoyed this month, i can conclude that : i'm looking forward for another month of eating session (hint to abah!)
me, showing my 3 teeth present

this is me, at the immigration, waiting for my passport. oh btw, i'm going to tag along with my parents to Jakarta end of March! I'll share the story of my passport-sized picture taking session in next entry.
Till then!


m@Ri@ said...

haritu balik KL pn kakak ipar bawa kami makan sushi tapi takleh masuk perut..rs nak terkeluar balik..haha..perut melayu betui kami 2..hehehe..

airin diana said...

maria, airin pun dulu tak bleh telan. skrg pun kalau nak telan, only yg goreng jeik. kalu mcm lembik2, mmg tak lalu. kalu mkn, sakana fry (ikan fillet goreng) dgn udang salut tepung tu. tempura ke. yg len mmg x lalu. hehe..


mak aii makan sakan ni Airin..
yg pelik tak naik pun!!jeles seh!

btw, preggy mommy tak boleh makan sushi..nehinehi!!
nadia kalau g Sparade, lalu sblah sushi king, kena tutup mata, takut ngidam!!

airin diana said...

memang makan beria tau, nadia! tp betul gak, taktau la mana gi nye sumer mknn tu..

sushi yg dibenarkan hanya yg fully cooked je utk preggy mommies. and of course la yg airin lalu is goreng2 jeik. yg x masak or partial goreng jgn harap la airin bleh mkn..huhu

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