Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's Get Lost in .. The Lost World of Tambun! (Episode 1)

Last 2 weeks we went for a trip to the lost of tambun, perak. we as in my mom, my dad, my grandmom, my grandpa and my aunt-to-be, maklang. The trip was actualy for my grandpa's department family days. It was a long trip that i slept all way long..

Hello! I'm charming!

Wow! i'm amazed!
Look at me doing the stunt
yes yes! i'm amazed-double!! (and i dont care about all the unknown people around me)
Let's go Longkang Fishing!
This is my grandma
and my grandpa
and of course, my lovely parents (oh,just look at mama's bump.. so big!!)
i dont want to go home, yet (though everybody's leaving me behind, i'm turning back to this amazing petting zoo)
yes, i know my way ;)
let's sit and enjoy the view
ok, now i have to follow them. afraid i might get lost!
now, enjoy the drink
we were waiting to check in at the tower regency hotel and apartment. nice hotel!
the living room
the view

the bedroom
my mom and i during the dinner. nice food (i ate a lot!)
my stomach was full.. now is time to sleep..
the best thing is i got to sleep on abah's shoulder. the most comfort place eva!!
In conclusion, this trip was amazing. though i was screaming my lung out during the swimming session, i did enjoy myself at petting zoo.. i hope i got more pix from maklang and abah afterwards. mama was so heavy and lazy to take picture of me feeding the birds and screaming at racoon.

Note : Maklang, please give mama more pictures! Let's wait for the 2nd version of the entry ;)


Apple Cute said...

wah arissa kecik2 da pandai tulis blog la...hehhehe

airin diana said...

saya memang pandai tulis blog..hehe..baru tahu ke.. :P

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