Monday, March 21, 2011

A show that i missed

Oh, i missed the show yesterday. only know about it this morning when one of my friends told me. From my last post, me and my husband went for a breastfeeding class-preparation during pregnant. it was a very fun and informative class. hopefully i could get to attend more classes like this..
well.. watch me and mr hubby act during the shooting..

get the youtube link from Sarakids' blog here


m@Ri@ said...

tu kira berlakon ek..mcm real je..hehe..em haritu pn ada dpt offer pergi ni tp sbb jauh tak dptla g..apepun best kan dpt pergi kelas2 mcm tu..semangat nak bf rs..;)

airin diana said...

hehe.. berlakon je tuh. tp mmg pro la Fara handle class. impressed sgt dgn dia.
pegi kelas2 mcm ni mmg wat kite super semangat nak bf. insyaAllah, dipermudahkan olehNya :)
Maria skrg dah how many weeks? dah stop bf?


best kan kalau dpt join class bf farah!
even dah ada experience,tp bnyk lagi benda tak tahu kan..shud learn more!!

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