Monday, March 14, 2011

Stressful day.. and the therapy to ease it

Today is the most stressful day - i'd say in my life - oh, correction, in my working life.
All of the materials' shipment for our project trials at Japan were delayed. and it's all out of my control! damn damn!! and now my boss looked at me as i was the reason for the delayed. plus with the tsunami and earthquake at Japan, i am pretty sure that my materials stucked somewhere in the port.
fuhhh...! grrrrrr........
i have to calm myself down..
then with new history will be created today : my husband taking care of Lissa alone at home..!
i'm so damn worried. he just got back from night shift, now has to babysit Lissa for three days in a row. her babysitter went back to her hometown 3 days during school break. how i wish i could be at home now... seriously, with all these tensions and stress, which i believe somehow will affect my pregnancy, i really hope i could run back and see how things are right now. i hope my husband will be able to manage Lissa...oh fyi, this is actually the first time he bbsits Lissa alone. before he never actually bother to prepare Lissa's milk or dress Lissa or bath her.. i couldnt remember when is the last time.
eish.. macammana la agaknye...
as usual, to ease all my worried mind and cool down my mood, looking at Lissa's pix does help me a lot. this type of therapy has been working out since i hd her. of course, previously looking at our wedding pix will do the trick..;) sorry babe, lissa took the 1st place in the therapy list.. hehe..
she loves drinking yogurt drink nowadays

"hey, i'm a new mechanic in town!"

"Come visit me, and i'll give you a discount - i guess when ur car is succesfully fixed. hehe.. did i mentioned im new?"
"i love sleeping on mama's belly, though i know my lil sis keeps on kicking mama's belly to chase me away.sorry, no way!"
"where am i now? last time i recall, i was sleeping on mama's belly"
"oh, i know! i'm at McD Nilai, along with mama, nenek and atuk.i like!!"
"and this is my reward.. yummy yummy hashbrowns"
"whenever mama said: sape budak pandai? i would raise up my hand like this"
"everybody, this is my passport pix. mama kept it in her purse next to my parents nikah's card"


fAreL... said...

haha..lissa ade gmba psport ker?siap tgk elok jer camera..hahaha

airin diana said...

of course la.. first try x jadi sbb dia takut
then pas tengok ade baby yg lg kecik dr dia amik gambar, dok kat kerusi tinggi tu, baru dia berani sket. tp skali snap je dah dpt elok..huhuhu.. tu pun sbb kat tangan ade biskut.

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