Monday, January 10, 2011

Lissa's First Scribble & My Sis's Menyambut Menantu Kenduri

Still remember that last year Lissa won a giveaway from mommy nadia?
The first time she got it, instead of drawing with it, she put it inside her mouth. So i kept it away til i think she's ready for it.
Then, one day, i saw Lissa was running around while holding a pencil on her left hand and a book on the other. I was surprise to see she squat down and started to write. wow! how time flies! last time i remember, every single thing she held, she'll put inside her mouth. now she knows what should be eaten and what shouldnt.

Her 1st Scribble

On Saturday, we went to Tampin to send my sis for her menyambut menantu at her husband's. I brought along her travel scribbler to make sure that she didnt feel bored. Just look at her, enjoying her scribbler. A big Thanks to Mommy Nadia & Abang Adam! 

When we arrived, a bunch of people have been waiting for us. felt like a vvip :)

Me with the beautiful bride

My brother-in-law (the groom), Lissa, her Maksu and her makngah (the bride)

During makan beradap

The "newly" bride and bridegroom (also)

Lissa with her abah and makteh

Lissa with her maksu, makteh & Che Sa, my ofcemate

During bersanding
Afterall, our weekend, again, full with events. I hope this coming weekend will be one of the most free and relax with sleeping mode for me and also Lissa. :) 


Apple Cute said...

wah cumilnye lissa pakai gaun pink ...hehe cumil sngat ^_^

airin diana said...

tengokla mama dia, ahem ahemm..hehehe

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