Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flying While Pregnant, Can I do it?

This has been a question to me for quite some time now.
This is what i found :
A common question is how safe is it to travel by air during the first and last trimester of your pregnancy.

Well the good news is that there is no real danger to you or your developing baby if you choose to travel by commercial airliner during your pregnancy up to about 35 weeks or, unless you have certain complications such as severe anemia, sickle cell disease, clotting disorders and placental insufficiency, as these can place even more risk on you and your baby. (hmm.. that means i'm able to fly until mid-April this year)
One of the more common concerns is what effect the air pressure will have on your baby, however there is no need for any concern - as the cabin of the air plane is pressurized to a safe level, and your body easily adjusts to the changes.

Another common concern is that you will in some way be exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the sun at high altitudes, especially since the effects of being exposed to radiation during pregnancy are well understood. (oooh, that sounds scary!)

It is true that at higher altitudes there is an increase of exposure, but this level is not in dangerous for the average pregnant women who may be flying. If you are concerned about the possible exposure to high radiation levels, then please consult with your health care provider.
Although there is no immediate danger to woman who fly in the early stages of pregnancy, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that the safest time to fly while pregnant is between weeks 18 and 24. This is because that this is generally the time when there is less chance of a miscarriage, and before any chances of premature labor.
Now, i know..
you must be wondering where'll i go?
Since i'm in a project right now, dealing with our simultanenous engineering partner from Isuzu, everything will liase with Isuzu Japan. All the production trial and pdi must be done at Japan. but initially, i'll be auditing a few material suppliers at Osaka. but that still depends on our bosses approval.
the good thing is that now i dont have to pump for Lissa, and Lissa can definitely be left without me.. :)
And before the second baby comes, I still have my "freedom", right? after all, first thing, need to get approval from the big boss aka mr hubby. boleh kan, yang? it wouldnt be long.. for few days only. Let's see how he'll be left alone with Lissa :) hihihi


m@Ri@ said...

skrg dah tak pump utk lisa ke?em hati2 naik flight nnt..

airin diana said...

a ah maria. since pregnant, badan rs sungguh tak larat, susu suddenly drop supply. makan pun kurang, agaknye sbb tu susu kurang. last2 terus takde. alhamdulillah, dpt la bf lissa at least sampai dia 1 year old.


wah bestnye Airin..
apa kata angkut je Rosman n Lissa skali..
"mommy Lissa nak ikut"..hehehe..

btw Airin to be at save side, u get letter from doctor..
airlines company they put restriction to 32wks..if above nak kena ada surat doc..

takut jadik kes my sis, sb surat dah above 7days,diorang tak nak take risk n suruh take next flight..

tp Airin still at 2nd trim..shud be no prob!

enjoy travelling dear!

airin diana said...

Teringin gak nak angkut. tp we all pegi pun kejap je and the visit very tight. so takut nanti diorg boring. so cadangan terbaik, tunggu je mama dia balik kat msia..hehehe

oh tu la,mmg kalau bleh nak dpt consent letter from doc. prep just in case.

m@Ri@ said...

samalah..maria pn skrg susu dah skrg bagi lisa minum fm ke?maria ni dok pening nk bagi susu ape..huhu
betul kan kena syukur maria pn dpt bf aqil smp setahun je..huhu

airin diana said...

masa awal2 dulu lissa allergy dgn susu. anything yg ade susu or skim milk, mesti naik rashes kat tepi mulut dia immediately. so ms br2 bersalin dulu, doc bagi susu frisolac. x abih pun 1 tin, dia dah fully bf. so masa awal2 dia setahun dulu, try bagi frisolac. alhamdulillah ok. tp after that, husband terpengaruh dgn salesgirl yg jual susu mamil gold. since tgk DHA tinggi, price not that expensive (especially during promotion), kitorg pun start dgn mamil gold step 3 since bulan nov aritu. alhamdulillah, ok jeik.
tp terasa la gak kekurangan duit tiap2 bulan tu. before this x penah la nak susah payah tgk kat ne ade sale susu. x yah risau stock susu nak abih ke..
maria bagi susu ape kat aqil? org kata, kalu below 2 yr old better bagi susu yg bagus sket. after 2+, x kisah la bagi susu biasa2. but who knows kan..

m@Ri@ said...

itula ni dok pening..ada yg srh bagi fresh fresh milk mcm susah nak handle je kot..em brand susu pn mcm2 kn skrg..tu yg confuse..mamil gold ok ek?member dok rekomen enfagrow..maria pn sblm ni tak penah dok pening2 pasal sale susu..pas ni kena la tgk kt mn ada sale..huhu..dgn mamy poko mahal susu lagi..aduih..pening..huhu..

airin diana said...

erm.. fresh milk mmg susah sket nak handle. and shelf life pun sekejap je. takut nanti sakit perut plak aqil nanti.
enfagrow pun dengar2 mcm ok gak. tp harga mmg mahal sket dr mamil gold. depends kat maria la. personally, aritu airin buat comparison DHA content, mamil gold higher than enfa. tapi, tak sure la kalau ade added extra nutrition yg xde kat mamil.
mamy poko? hehe.. mahal gak diapers tu. luckily lissa tak kisah diapers ape. as for now, everytime Pureen wat warehouse sale, mmg borong diapers wat stock kat umah. either Dry5 ke Basic ke, mana2 pun Lissa ok.

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