Thursday, January 6, 2011

My new teeth

Hello mommies!
Today i would like to show you my brand new teeth 
Here it is!! My two big kapak teeth, as my mom said! Now I really love to bite anything, especially my mom! Abah always told me not to bully my mom, but i think it has been one of my top favourite activities nowadays.
Last night, my mom showed me Barney and Friends. I was so excited that i sat quietly and surprisingly behaved all the 25 minutes course of the dvd (oh btw, i would like to say thank you so much to my Pak Lang who bought this dvd and brought it all the way from Jakarta)
This is me, watching Barney while meniarap
My mom was screaming when i went near the tv. Oh, wut's wrong with that?
Now, i behaved ..

Special posed for all mommies out there!



Rajinnye mommy Lissa arini 2 entry skaligus!

nanti Airin bg je Lissa tgk Barney..bnyk keje kita boleh settle..hehehehe ;)

airin diana said...

Harini ter-extra rajin. sbb kalau penyakit malas plus busy, mmg sebulan pun xde update2..hheehe

ha..tula, guna tips nadia. play dvd barney, confirm2 dia dok diam. hihi

Anonymous said...

membaca seluruh blog, cukup bagus

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