Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Events : The Birthday, The Engagement & The Wedding

Happy New Year 2011 everyone!!

Multiple events occured - and now the updates..

First event : My hubby's Surprise Birthday Party - 18122010

As i mentioned in my last entry, his birthday was on 18th December 2010. I gathered along my officemates aka my bestfriends aka my hubby's friends : Saniah, Dayang (along with her husband n lovely son, Anas) and Kak Zana and Abg Man ; his son, Ajat and his friends ;  invited along my childhood friends aka my husband's FB friends : Azura & Zaidy ; and of course my big helpers of the event other than Saniah, Dayang & Kak Zana : my sisters (Nani, Ara & Abby).
Since my husband was on leave on that day (last minute info i got from him, less than 24 hrs of the event), i asked him to bring me and Lissa to Sunway Pyramid, just to make sure we were not at home for my sisters and friends prepared to surprise him. I bought a Happy Birthday banner, balloons and other decoration items.
We went back from Sunway around 8 pm and i asked him to buy bread and drinks at my apt's grocery store while i ran to my apt with Lissa. All of them were waiting for us, switched off lights and anticipated for him to come in. The funny thing was Lissa was laughing out loud when she saw us trying to hide inside the apt.
About 15 mins later, he got to the door, gave Salam, and of course i didnt answer it out loud, he opened the door, and we screamed "Happy Birthday!" and popped the poppers. He was so surprised that he shut the door, and opened it back with a surprised look! the moment was so precious..
Below are the after party pictures (all the before and during party pix were with my sis..huhu)
the banner
played UNO with my sisters when everyone went home
the tired and surprised birthday boy
Second event : My only brother's engagement - 25122010
My brother at last got engaged to his lovely fiancee on this date. They are highschool sweathearts, since 2003. InsyaAllah their relationship will remain until their wedding day..

the loving couple : Jijie & Khairiyah
and the discussion went smoothly
Lissa looked so happy- with my sisters and cousins
acara menyarung cincin
also, the newly wed..hehe

sponsored sirih junjung from my husband
our family (exclude my dad who was too busy chatting)

Third Event : My Sis's Wedding 010111

At last, the love between this highschool sweathearts turned out to be a reality - a marriage couple. A big congratulations to Nani and Aziz!
The event was a success! People came non stop.. and thanks also to my husband, who has been so helpful, starting from being a pak andam -commenting on the pelamin, up to a supervisor for the caterer!

Morning 010111 : Right before the solemnization
the lovely bride

with my youngest sis

with my only brother

the first time in the history - wedding khutbah by the bridegroom

acara menyarung cincin

also the lovely bride and groom

orang kuat of the event
the loving couple
hantaran from my sis to her husband
the brother in law gave his blessing

some of the family members

For these three events, i can say very very successful events.
Congratulations to Jijie & Khai, Semoga bahagia and sampai ke jinjang pelamin.
Congratulations to both Nani & Aziz, Semoga kekal ke akhir hayat..aminn. Jagalah rumahtangga elok2 ye..
Last but not least, i hope that this new year, 2011 will be a better year, happier and more successful..

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