Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Movie Review : Disney Pixar Inside Out

Hye all

How was your long weekend with Malaysia's Independence Day?
Merdeka theme year 2015 : #sehatisejiwa
If you asked me of how I spent my long weekend, it was filled with lotsa things that we did not-go-anywhere-outside-Klang-Valley :D

Filled with Lissa & Hanie's Sports Day on Saturday (gonna blog about it soon)

Continue with business activities for the whole Sunday, then out for movie date on  Monday. Hubby also went for a golf tournament on Sunday, then promised us a movie date on Monday.

There we go, our movie date to MBO Subang Parade, our favorite cinema of all time!

As usual, Lissa & Hanie were all geared up for a movie.
Tengahari terik pakai baju lengan panjang. hew hew
Me, terover dressed plak rasanya
We opt for a 4:30 pm show
While waiting for the show to begin, Lissa sempat pura2 selfie. kelakar betul la makcik kecik sorang ni dengan cellphone tipu dia :D

Anyway, wuts the movie all about?

It is a film set in a mind of a girl named Riley. Dari baby until she's 12 years old.
So there go the main character of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear.
It is a roller coaster ride of the story, showing how a person formed her character. Being a joyous person, or a disgust girl. It portrayed a portion of EQ in our life. Banyak pengajaran in the movie itself.
I'd like to categorize it as one of a heavy movie. you have to really understand the story line in order to grab the pengajaran.

Overall, I gave the movie 4 stars. Best, tapi for a movie funday with small kids, tak berapa sangat sebab heavy betul. hehehe. It really delivered a message and such it falls under the Important Movie.

Anyway, both lissa and hanie enjoyed the movie. Siap buat memek2 muka for each of the character.

Balik from the movie, it was about 6:30 pm and both of the kiddos flat! sampai rumah je, memang dah tido..
Those of you yang dah tengok this movie, mind share your review?


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