Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From Vietnam with Love : The Day We Fly

Hye All
I never expect that the trip to Vietnam will be so much of a fun and meaningful trip. It was the most unprepared trip ever since Ive never learnt the language (not even how to say hello or Thank you), we changed the money on the very last minute (the day before we fly); on the back of my mind, it was just to Vietnam. But never we expect that it was such a great experience for us.
Let me walk you through our journey day by day.
We were arranged to fly to Vietnam on the 14th September and it was a 4 days & 3 nights trip.

My husband went along with me for this trip
Alhamdulillah, this trip fully sponsored by Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing.
With the other sweet couple in GLAM. We become closer everytime we went for a trip together.
Check-in dulu ye
While waiting for boarding, activity harus is pose and snap!
With some of GLAMpreneurs qualified for the trip
Gambar WAJIB! selfie in flight :)
Tak sampai 2 jam, dah nak arrive. Satu movie pun tak sempat habis haha
Thank you Malaysia Airlines for the hospitality

Here we are! in the Ho Chi Minh Airport
Dalam bas pun nak posing kan?
The toll from airport
To those of you yang travel to Ho Chi Minh, make sure only ride this Vinasun taxi.
Kalau tak nanti, senang kena tipu
The shop
From airport, we were taken to the Halal Restaurant for dinner.
The Halal certificate was not easy to be issued. It has to follow many guidelines before been approved as Halal restaurant
Dah lapar, of course la excited Nampak food kan? especially tomyam udang!
Teman semakan kami :D
Pengantin baru 2 hari. Kesian yong kali ni husband tak sempat ikut sama sebab baru je nikah kelmarin nya.
Next trip, insyaAllah husband ikut sama, kan yong?
After dinner, we went straight to the Hotel. Alhamdulillah, trip with Sahajidah Hai-O always booked 4 to 5 stars hotel.
This time to Equatorial Hotel
We were welcomed with welcome drink- some santan drink. pelik gak rasanya.
we were on the same level, Level 9
And the door itself was so welcoming. ape yg welcoming pun tak tau (sebenarnya sebab dah ngantuk, that's why nak masuk cepat & tidur)
A very very big room. complete with a sofa and a working table
Everything is digitized. nak switch on off lampu pun.
Ok, jom tidur!
 Will continue our journey tomorrow with the experience of Ben Thanh Market :)

Stay tuned!


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