Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Life.. New Mom.. I'm Loving it!!

Her smile early in the morning really made my day! Every day waking up to a smiling baby surely brightens up anyone's life.

I'm already out of my confinement mode, people! Yes! no more "Watch your step! Step slowly!".. no more "Don't eat this, don't eat that".. no more bertangas - aka sauna but with charcoal-really burned out all the fats and excess weight i've been carrying thru the more bengkuk jawa - aka traditional girdle..however, still some rules applied - no ice (yet), wear modern girdle, some restriction of any food that can give my baby extra gas.

Alhamdulillah, being a mother, a first time mother wasn't that bad. heard a lot of people out there struggle - i mean Really STRUGGLE - to keep up with a newborn. As for now, Baby Lissa hasn't given me any hard time yet. and i hope that'll be, ermm.. forever, i guess? (that's a lot to ask for) but for now, she was really good.. not crying as loud as other babies. she just makes some sound to attract attention - merengek sound. and pretty much thats it.
And I manage to take care of her quite well. Take her for a warm bath early morning and evening. BF her very well- up to now, no more formula. she already gained almost 2 kgs up to now - age 58 days. and i'm really proud of it. Thank God. and i pray that my BM will always be there for her.insyaAllah..

Oh ya, forgot to write about my husband. He's doing fine. Work day and night, just so he could support us. Thank God for giving a loving and responsible husband like he is. Last Friday night, 13th Nov (Oh, Friday the Thirteen!) i accompanied him to the Appreciation Dinner by Proton for his 2oth service. It was held at the Shah Alam Convention Center (SACC 2). Almost 1000 people turned out for the event. Datuk Syed Zainal gave away the certificate and Sijil Simpanan Premium worth of RM1000 for every workers who have been served the company for 20 years. and he was so proud to be one of the loyal employees for 20 years. (we are not talking about 2 years, it is 20 YEARS! could i outbeat that? i dont think so..hehe)
Below are some pictures taken from the event, and sorry for the low quality. the hall was dark and my phone camera seemed not helping much either (wink!)
Ok for now then.. my 58th-day-of-confinement-and-still-counting entry!
Ciao! Enjoy the pix!

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Hi Airin..hope u dont mind I linked ur blog to mine..:)write more,sure u will have alot of xperiences to share with..

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