Thursday, September 24, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilftiri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all muslims out there! to those people who know me and my hubby, maaf zahir & batin.
Oh, you all wanna know whether i went back my kampung or not rite? yes, i did manage to get back kampung, and celebrate eid for the first time as a wife. of course i went to see my obg first before that. she did the VE and told me, i'm quite far to my due date.. one-fifth on the way.. and i thank God that i could get back home to celeb eid, instead of stuck in the ward..ehehe.. however, now, in my 38th week, i didnt feel anything, nothing that people used to tell me when they r close to the date. no braxton hicks stuff, at all! i even went shopping. last week, i went to berjaya times square to get my hubby stuff for raya. yup, he didnt have any baju melayu or anything nice to wear. so i bought him 2 nice shirts and a renoma black slack. the next day, we went to Semua House and bought him a pair of maroon baju melayu to match with my maroon/red baju kurung pahang.
on the 3rd Hari Raya, we went back to KL. yesterday, we went to carrefour to look for rack for our baby. not only the rack, we also bought baby car seat (which was on sale) and baby bath tub. pheww.. everything's ready now.. just waiting for the baby.. and i suddenly cant wait to meet her. and she's still active inside me.. kicking and tossing and turning.. so i guess, i have another week with her inside.. well, probably until the expected due date..! even my hubby dreamt that i already gave birth.. so funny, but he woke up the other day, and told me that i'm done.. :) Yes, afterall, We cant wait..
the name? not finalized yet. i guess, when we have the baby, then thats the rite time to decide..rite?

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