Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Assalamualaikum everybody!

Yes, it is Ramadhan already. and i'm officially 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant.and surprisingly, i manage to fast and be quite ok with it (as long as i took a really heavy sahur - 2 servings of rice plus some protein ie: chicken/beef/fish and some vegie - plus a glass of milk and couple glasses of sweet drinks) yeah, quite heavy, and usually by the end of the sahur, i'll be like a whale.. hahaha.. but that's what my ob advised me to do.
since my last pregnancy check-up on the 24th aug showed that i've gained 0 kg since last 2 weeks (yup, maintain my 64 kg body weight). i have no idea why, but i thought i've eaten so much that i'll probably put on weight at least a couple of kilos. but anyhow, she told me to make sure that eat well balance diet and in quite of large amount. if i didnt manage to gain weight by the next check-up, i'll be asked not to fast til delivery time. no, i wont let that happen.. it'll be soooo hard for me to fast during other months.
Some people kept asking us whether we've selected names for our baby. the answer is yes, quite a few.. and last night, we finalized on 1 name. hopefully, the gender will be as what my ob expected and saw in the ultrasound. it is a combination of 3 words, same as mine. first we thought of having 4 words, but then my hubby told me that it was too long, and 3 words adequate enuff.
hmm got to get back to work now. new day for me.. new section now. before, production.. now, engineering.. yes, new "azam" then! bye!!

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